they can't close their ears when the man on the news says one in five women experience sexual assault before they graduate college I'm eighteen years old I'm at a party and as I back away from a drunken boy he fixes his eyes on me and asks What are you so scared of? Fears via lairwite Source lairwite I'm fourteen years old and I'm wearing a skirt that's too small for me when I kiss my parents goodbye a family friend looks at me then at my parents in disbelief You're letting her out like that? I almost snap at him but when I meet his gaze I don't see judgement but fear I'm fifteen and my friend and I don't walk down big streets at night When men yell at us it makes our skin crawl I'm sixteen when a girl in my class buys a keychain that doubles as a knife I tell my mother and she teaches me how to wield my house keys like a weapon I'm seventeen years old and it's almost two am I want to walk home but my friends block the door They're scared if they let me go it'll be for the last time Now I get it I see why my mother can't sleep when I'm out I understand why my male friends slide their arms around me When it gets dark When my grandmother eyes my hemline like it's poisonous I get it My parents do everything they can to keep me safe but they can't change the fact that my body is a War Zone they can't help that there's too much hunger in this world for safety Saw this on tumblr and I just couldn't not share it Meme







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