These random boys added me to a group chat for people named Gar- rett and I get to stay bc they're be- ing very kind and it's probably the best thing that's happened all day Lmao tru shit Idk if I count because my last Garett and garret just look name is Garrett weird G Money 41 PM Also it seems I'm the only girl 746 PM Two R's and two T's is a lifestyle Garrett's what's the verdict? Garrett Pittman 742 G Money 746 PM For real Garrett your choice But other people always be spelling it wrong garrett 747 PM It's up to you Garrett G Money 742 PM G Money 748 PM Start a message We'll allow it Since it's two r's and two t's 1811 · 18 Dec 19 · Twitter for iPhone 209K Retweets 211K Likes Camryn Garrett @dancingofpens 17h v Replying to @dancingofpens update we've shared birthdays and favorite music and are bonding it's great 27 90 129K 9 Camryn Garrett @dancingofpens · 17h v THEY'RE SHARING PET PICTURES!!!!!?????????????? I'M CRYING THIS IS SO MUCH FOR MY HEART 27 93 10 13K Camryn Garrett @dancingofpens · 16h The other Garretts are currently consoling and encouraging one Garrett who is nervous about finals tomorrow 27 152 137K 17 Camryn Garrett @dancingofpens · 16h Now giving tips for memorizing the amendments for an AP Gov test – I need to sleep but don't want to lol O 8346 27 39 Camryn Garrett @dancingofpens 15h Now talking about religions and beliefs in God or lack of thereof and why we still believe or do not 27 43 7996 33 This is so pure! Meme




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