- thefirstandonly 8169 points 1 day ago* 8 36 It's not just average people who don't want to live there Take a look at ANY conservative with moneypower and see where they live Almost universally they live in blue enclaves blue cities or blue states Because the scam is even they know solid red places are typically hellholes in terms of quality of life regarding any pick-your-metric that looks at education healthcare economy disease 1 Trump Lives in New York Born in New York 2 Hannity New York Born in New York 3 Coulter New York Born in New York 4 Shapiro California Born in LA 5 Alex Jones Austin Tx Born in Texas 6 Limbaugh Palm Beach County Florida Okay I'll give you that one 7 Michael Savage Beverly Hills California Palm Beach County Florida Born in New York 8 Lahren California Works in Media 9 Sheldon Adelson Las Vegas Nevada Born in Boston Completely dishonest observation 1012 have reasonable explaination 10 David Koch New York Okay I'll give you that one 11 Rebekah Mercer New York Born in New York 12 Bill Oreilly New York Born in New York Ann Coulter Ben Shapiro Donald Trump Sean Hannity Coulter at the 2013 Conservative Political Hannity in 2016 45th President of the United States Action Conference Sean Patrick Hannityl Personal details Born Born Ann Hart Coulter Ben Shapiro in 2018 December 30 1961 age 57 December 8 1961 age 57 Donald John Trump Born New York City New York US Born Benjamin Aaron Shapiro New York City New York June 14 1946 age 72 January 15 1984 age 35 US Centre Island New York USP Residence Queens New York City Los Angeles California US Residence Palm Beach Florida US Rush Limbaugh Tomi Lahren Michael Savage Alex Jones POINTUSA NING Savage visits the White House and meets with President Donald Trump in 2018 Limbaugh in 2009 Michael Alan Weiner Born Jones in 2017 Rush Hudson Limbaugh III Born March 31 1942 age 77 February 11 1974 age 45 Born January 12 1951 age 68 The Bronx New York US Dallas Texas US Cape Girardeau Missouri US Alma mater Queens College BS 1963 Palm Beach Florida US Residence Austin Texas US Lahren in 2018 Residence University of Hawaii at Manoa MS 1970 MA 1972 Born August 11 1992 age 26 University of California Rapid City South Dakota US Berkeley Los Angeles California US Residence PhD 1978 David Koch Sheldon Adelson Bill O'Reilly Rebekah Mercer December 6 1973 age 451 Born Yorktown Heights New York US Education Stanford University BS MS Political party Republican Partners Sylvain Mirochnikoff m 2003 Robert Mercer father Family Adelson in June 2010 O'Reilly in Philadelphia September 2010 Koch in 2015 Sheldon Gary Adelson Born William James O'Reilly Jr Born Born David Hamilton Koch August 4 1933 age 85 September 10 1949 age 69 May 3 1940 age 79 Boston Massachusetts US New York City New York US Wichita Kansas US Residence Las Vegas Nevada US Marist College BA Education Education Massachusetts Institute of Boston University MA Technology BS MS rpolitics full of bs gets gold multiple times Meme

Bill O'Reilly


Donald Trump




New York




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