thedarkchimera: @beatasticband tagged me for a gif and @lafemmedemon and @misshammett for a selfie! (I think other people have tagged me but I’m too lazy to look, I’m so sorry. If you’ve ever tagged me for anything - I love you.)This week was busy but I’m not complaining. I’ve been sleeping like the dead lately.Tagging @thewolfclan @ashesofthepaleserpent  @bloodofheroes @ethereal-valky @obsidian-night @volheimdallr @ghostof-nothing @lord-worms-shakespeare-class @bridgesinthesky @waldeinsamkeit-x @theashenone @blodbranddod @prideandperdition @orbi-the-lonely @misfit-on-a-journey @alan-frogger @atticgoth @cannabyss666 @type-ho-negative @solrift @calumari @spiritboundflesh @adreamofmirrors @aleksandroskaya @apollonlight @macabremusings @scarsoftheshatteredsky and whoever wants to! Or if you don’t feel like it, no worries. 3