The Virgin Heirarch The Incel Drone Flies around Leads everywhere Retarded Looks like a annoying AF Covenant The Wizard Jackal wants to fire damn fly into war Halo Rings and based off lie kill everything Uses shield coward Looks ugly as Muh Great hell Dies with like Journey Rarely seen or 2 shots weak Butthurt from 1 shot hits with used even fact Humans Flees when sniper annoying as Covenant are related to hell shield goes Most Hates don't like him down Forerunners forgettable Humans needs human enemies in Turned to fire rings lol series Basically flying Stupid greatest cannon fodder Genocidal Mohawk warriors maniac against Not devoted to Covenant just Probably gets them stuck on glue Gets ass beat by Demon and want to make some money stabbed by Arbiter lol HARDEST ENEMY THE CHAD ELITE The Brad Brute THE THAD GRUNT IN GAME Has serious MIGHTY anger issues WARRIORS CHARGE IN FEARLESSLY Dumb as a rock FIRST LINE OF OFFENSE DEVOTED TO COVENANT REDEEM THEMSELVES HELPING STOP KNOWS HE WILL DOESN'T NEED PROBABLY DIE FIGHTS ANYWAY THE PROPHETS ARMOR FOR LEGS OR BULGE ONLY MATCH ADORABLE SPECIES OF Insecure as FOR DEMON ALWAYS DOES YET DEADLY Blindly follows THE ARBITER hell wants to BACK DAY Mynman Prophets be like Chad BEST TRAINED USES CHADLY Elite TROOPS AND WILL FUEL ENERGY Looks like ROD BEST ARMOR SWORDS a damn CANNON Runs around DON'T TAKE YOU were- like a retard NEVER WILL LITERALLY SUICIDE wolf SHIT FROM when his SURRENDER BOMB FOR CAUSE PROPHETS OR buddies die Spams nade launchers noobs BROS WITH CHIEF BRUTES REBELS AGAINST COVENANT TAKES AN ARBITER TO STOP HIM Virgin vs Chad Covenant Meme


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