The Virgin Being a vegan because you support animal rights The Chad Being a vegan to have sex with attractive vegan women The LAD Eating meat eaters to punish them for not being vegan The Thad Vegan-Diet Eats vegans because he hates them Becky actually finds this quite kinky even though she's about to be baked alive and eaten by Thad Compensates for lack of protein by just using extra steroids Gets to enjoy the most pure and best tasting pussy juice Will not go to vegan heaven because he's also eating the bits of hamburger that virgin still has in his stomach MEAT Murder LAD seriously how is this supposed to make any sense? ME T Chad and Stacy just continue having sex despite currently being locked up in Thad's kitchen Even vegan-Becky doesn't want him Muner Through a loophole in vegan law he will still get to go to vegan heaven SOY VE N! Muscles are already having difficulty carrying this sign bones are nearly crumbling under the weight VEGAN! ChadBurger Doesn't really care about animals but at the same time he finds Ejaculates pure soy milk banging women more important than anything else like a true Chad MEAT MURDER Has small testicles from soy consumption Has to consume pieces of himself Wow I never knew Basic was a vegan Or is this perhaps his twin brother? Whatever nobody will miss them anyway Basic doesn't seem to mind Only doing this because he wasted all his money on custom-made faux-leather Giuseppe Zanotti boots and could no longer afford to buy tofu Because of their high estrogen intake through the consumption of soy products vegan males have extra breast meat the most tender and juicy part Will continue slaying pussy for eternity in vegan heaven Does regular scrotum-stretching exercises to compensate for all the estrogen he consumes Types Of Vegans Meme











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