The Truth of Background Checks 1 Tucson Killer Passed Background Check 2 Aurora Killer Passed Background Check 3 Sandy Hook Killer Murdered Mother to Get Guns 4 Both Fort Hood Killers Passed Background Checks 5 Virginia Tech Killer Passed Background Check 6 Oregon Killer Passecd Background Check 7 Naval Yard Killer Passed Background Check 8 San Bernardino Killer Passed Background Check 9 Charleston Killer Passed Background Check 10 La Isla Vista Killer Passed Background Check See Any Private Sales On Here? Examples That Even ARGUABLY Might Have Been Avoided With Requiring Checks On Private Transfers? So Why Does the Anti-Gun Lobby Push These So Hard? Because it's their foot in the door towards restricting our rights SHARE the Truth Fight the Lies Forgive me for getting factual for a second The anti-gun lobby's most vigorous push these days is for Universal Background Checks on private gun transfers Something already in place in California and many other states that love gun control We know it's their toe in the water to come after our rights Every time they exploit one of the tragedies on the list and tell us we need their common sense gun control they never address the basic logical problem In not one of those instances would even arguably a Universal Background check law have changed anything But no one calls them on this So here's a question how many people do you know even moderate and pro-gun people would be surprised by this list based on what they hear from the media? If so share it Chip away at the lies the anti-gun lobby promulgates - Metal Law *It should be noted that technically the Charleston shooter might not have been legally allowed to buy his gun because of a drug crime that didn't get into NICS but nevertheless passed the test to buy the gun The San Bernardino male killer bought his pistols and did pass a background checks But he also apparently ILLEGALLY got the rifles through a straw buyer friend which means he was also violating that law -- Cold Dead Hands Gun Rights Apparel Cdh2acomshop Meme






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