THE SUPERB OWLE Class Aves Order Strigiformes Family Strigidae Genus Bubo Superb owl was once placed in its own genus Nyctea scandica but recent genetic analysis revealed the species is closely related to horned owls in the Bubo genus Facial discs stiff feathers that surround their eyes reflect sound waves toward their ears、 Forward-facing eyes give snowy owls excellent stereoscopic vision and depth perception % - Superb owls have big eyes-they weigh as much Superb owls have ear-tufts though they're small and often hard to spot- as our own Their large corneas and pupils allow for a huge amount of light to enter the eye giving them incredibly good night vision Asymmetrically-placed ears help pinpoint the exact location of potential prey Owls have three eyelids upper lower and a third called a nictitating membrane- to clean and protect the eye -- Their beaks are short curved and hooked for gripping prey Owls are far-sighted and rely on bristles around their beaks to sense nearby objects Superb owls eat an estimated 1600 lemmings every year That's about 3 to 5 each day Owls cannot move their eyes To see their surroundings snowy owls rely on their highly flexble necks which are able to turn up to 270° in either direction Serrated edges on flight feathers cut noise produced by wing flapping which help the owls go undetected by potential prey Thanks in part to thick feathers needed for insulation snowies are the heaviest owl species in North America typically weighing about 4 pounds Unlike most owls which are typically nocturnal Superb owls are diurnal they're active both during the day and at night Superb owls swallow small prey whole HELLO MY NAME IS Superbowls have a wingspan between 4 and 5 feet indigestible parts of animals like bones and fur are compacted into pellets that the owls regurgitate up to 24 hours after eating the snow owl the arctic owl the great white owl the ghost owl the ermine owl the tundra ghost the ookpik the white terror of the north and the Scandinavian nightbird Superb owls use their talons to snatch prey Superb owls are usually silent except during breeding season Superbowls are the official bird While adult male snowy owls can be almost completely white females and owlets have some dark scalloping on their plumage VDepictions of Superb SNOWY OWL RANGE owls have been found in cave paintings in Europe dating back 30000 years BREEDING NON-BREEDING Female owls are about 20% larger than the males NATURE 20E TARTEEN ALL RCONTS RESERED WHNDBSOMEINATURE SOURCETHE CORNELL LAB OF ORNITHOLOGY MASS NEDURON DEFENDERS NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC OWL PACGES <p>The SuperbOwl facts<p> Meme









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