The Story of Benjamin Franklin One day Benjamin Franklin was out flying his kite in a thunderstorm with a key tied to the string Not smart Benjamin! Actually it is very smart said Benjamin as he tapped knowingly on the side of his huge bulb head like some sort of ass hole Suddenly lightning flashed downward from the heavens striking the key and destroying the kite! I knew it! said Benjamin screeching and jumping up and down like a big ape Lightning hates keys! As he said this Benjamin's best friend George Washington came sprinting out of the woods toward him yelping and bleating like some kind of goat Benjamin George gasped upon reaching his friend I pissed off The British so bad We have to kill all of them As fast as possible I am so fucked Ok ok shut up let me think a minute said Benjamin Benjamin was stumped The more he thought about it the more daunting a task it seemed There are so many of The British though he thought to himself But as he pondered an idea began to form in his giant egg head A dastardly heavenly idea A smile crept across Benjamin's wrinkly turtle face George he said What is it? George Washington asked What's so funny?! I know how we're gonna fry all those stinkers right to Kingdom Come How? asked George Benjamin looked at the smoldering wreckage of his kite We're gonna need a lot of keys big if true Meme


Benjamin Franklin

best friend



Shut Up




George Washington

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