THE SCIENCE OF TROLLS I get so tired of trolls and agents working for the government always wanting a source or Link Even if one is provided you still wouldnt listen so what else you want me to do jump inside your bitch ass mind and make you Think? All of you are alphabet agents working for military un-intelligence agencies like the nsa cia fbi mEYE6 or whatever you want to call you groups that suck dicks and play tricks you trick ass bastards I cant wait for all of you to go Extinct Yeah I said it it's now embedded so send a bullet to dead it but i bet you will regret it Is it clear to you? Did I add some fear to you? I dont have to prove shit to you and soon the judgment will come to end all that is dear to you and all the laws of men that you adhere to because the message is soon to be written on every wall and it will be very unique and Distinct All of you masked bandits and cartoon character mutherfuckers dont mean nothing to me and if they wont blind they'd see that just like on myspace the god father's militia and the cia is heavily Linked All of you bitches in the pentagon reading this have already been linked to the cia and the child porn industry so what else must you do to try to Discredit the words I say? You have sent countless bitches to try to discredit me and send me the wrong way but still im here with my middle finger up saying fuck your cia and all the trolls and demonic witches you send my Way Tupac told me to stay military minded im sick of all these sheep just sitting around ready to be slaughtered blinded by your false light false race wars plotting black versus white while you try to kill everything good within our sight this is our eternal struggle and plight so come get me and kill me tonight because when it comes to the Killuminati game I dont Play You want a link? Yeah show me your badge you bitch made agent of the CIA Another account banned and deleted create another the process will be repeated because your words arent wanted or needed and there is no reason for them to Stay Omg he is anti semantic he doesnt promote abortion and thinks its a sin to be Gay Send in your vampires warlocks witches and corrupted big pussy bitches or the agents that sold out for riches all of you can kick rocks and suck cocks while watching your time come to an end like clocks when the gun cocks we run this world and we run the blocks so death to all the Kardasians and Kanye Death to the house of rockefeller and roc nation to so fuck Rihanna Jay and Beyonce Oh no they going to send the bee hive? Fuck all you bitches too and the little slim shadys that hang around you Marshall dont got shit on me he is just like Dre with homosexual lyrics and a big stick going in and out of his A I might have been crazy once upon a time but now this world has made me insane all i know is suffering misery and pain but i never pulled that trigger when the gun was aimed at my brain im still here for a reason and i still remain so what can you do to me that is so profane when only immortality can i gain and that's all I got to Say Meme






I Bet





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