the police officers risk their lives to protect us starter pack Savannah Danielle lol who knew there was something wrong with actually having a car a nice house and a clean put together family who lives in a safe community while spending your hard earned money on paying your bills rather then expensive sneakers and supporting the authorities of the neighborhood you take pride in Like Reply 11 minutes ago living-for-fiction unbossed theflowerfish saaavx0h jaime-foxxx OKAY BUT SOME OFFICERS ACTUALLY DO RISK THEIR FUCKING LIVES It’s cute how tumblr users are liike “ahhh not all _____ people” but when it’s cops they’re all awful apparently Good god yes they do and it’s a shame some people don’t recognize or appreciate that! Cops who don’t check and report explicitly bad cops are not good cops The culture of the blue wall of silence logically makes it so that cops are inherently bad not good The good cops who do report their constituents get labeled as rats and get harassed by other cops for snitching or even lose their jobs The police are nothing more than a glorified gang Come live in the communities that the police continuously harass brutalize and murder then let me know how you feel Come hang in Philly for a minute get a taste of how it feels to have the cops hold a magnifying glass over you Ask my friend who got shot while delivering pizza in Southwest Philly by plainclothes officers who never identified themselves how it felt to have a bullet removed from his face Or head to Camden where the cops don’t even respond to calls in these communities and if they do they just show up to beat and arrest the people there Go to Washington Heights in NYC where they stop and frisk mostly black and Latino men even though almost 90% of those searches end up with nothing stats available on NYPD website Imagine a world where you get stopped and harassed by the police because of where you live or how you look regardless of whether you’re innocent or not Then tell me how much you just loooooove the police Y'all don’t see shit over that white picket fence of yours do you? The “good cop” going by the book will use violence to evict a homeless family from their car if they’re parked illegally The “good cop” going by the book will use violence to arrest them tearing the children from their parents if they try to sleep in a foreclosed home left empty by the bank as a tax write-off The “good cop” going by the book will use violence to keep that family from eating food that grocery stores and restaurants throw away in their locked dumpsters The “good cop” going by the book will use violence to enforce even the most unjust law And badge lickers will always try to justify the injustice For the people who missed the point this post doesn’t say that cops never risk their lives - it’s inviting you to take a good long look at the characteristics of the people they DO protect and risk their lives for and note that there is a huge disparity in how cops treat people based on race socioeconomic status etc Also I love it when people use “coppin’ is DANGEROUS” to handwave the numerous civil rights violations cops are routinely guilty of in the process of “just following orders” Plenty of jobs are dangerous Plenty of jobs are more dangerous than being a cop But cops seem to be the main ones stomping around demanding endless respect and unquestioning obedience just because their “job is dangerous” Meme











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