The most likely chemical in chocolate that might explain its feel-good effect is PEA of which there can be up to 700 mg in a 100 g bar 07% Most chocolate contains much less than this and a more typical amount would be 50-100 mg In its pure state PEA is an oily liquid with a fishlike smell and it can be made in the laboratory from ammonia PEA has the curious property of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air When people are injected with PEA the level of glucose in their blood goes up and so does their blood pressure These effects combine to produce a feeling of well-being and alertness PEA may trigger the release of dopamine which is the brain chemical that makes us feel happy in which case PEA would be acting in the same way as amphetamines such as ecstasy PEA and ecstasy molecules are roughly the same shape and size and this has led to the suggestion that they might work in the same way but scientific proof is lacking that they do Our own bodies produce tiny but detectable amounts of PEA naturally and it is formed from an essential dietary amino acid called phenylalanine The level of natural PEA varies and it increases when we are under stress It is also higher than normal in schizophrenics and hyperactive children but this is more likely to be a symptom of these conditions rather than their cause Not everyone can cope with a sudden influx of PEA which is why some people are sensitive to chocolate often suffering a violent headache if they eat too much This happens because the excess PEA constricts the walls of blood vessels in the brain The human body has little use for PEA and employs an enzyme monoamine oxidase to dispose of it People whose bodies are intolerant of chocolate appear to have difficulty making enough of the enzyme to prevent the PEA building up to levels that triggers migraines symbisexual-disaster Trying to learn more about chocolate and PEA thought this was an interesting resource! Link In order to get his fix Venom probably stops the MAO enzyme from getting rid of the PEA Then he just sucks it up himself so that Eddie doesn’t get headaches If I’m understanding this right a chocolate-intolerant person would greatly benefit from bonding with a symbiote Since chocolate-intolerants don’t make enough of the MAO enzyme they need to either a not eat chocolate ever if they don’t want a migraine or b hook up with a symbiote that will slurp it up for them! So it might be fun to write either Eddie or an OC who could never enjoy chocolate before but after bonding somehow is actually able to? Fun fun Meme







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