The many faces of derp The hygiene discussion continues My lil homegirl text me this morning “Hahaah omg smash! My friends have encountered a few guys lately that aren't circumsized and don't wash well how does someone not notice!???” Now men if y’all possess Thee Natural Foreskin nine times out of ten it’s yo mama’s fault - she was just following cultural norms and told the OB “whoa derryou ain’t chopping off my son’s foreskin” and the doctor followed mama’s wishes and left lil man’s PP intact For instance my Dominican homie told me that most Dominicans leave the PP skin intact My lil Armenian homegirl told me that Armenian men are 50-50 sometimes Cleanie Weenie sometimes Cheesy Weasy u feel me? Personally I’m Cleanie Weenie but I respect all cultures Regardless it’s on a grown man to assess the cleanliness of his situation and cleanse accordingly Men if u all-natural uncut imma need u to boil some water in the microwave Put a towel over your head and breathe that steam nice and deep to cleanse the nasal passage Then take a cup full of coffee beans just like they got at Sephora and take a nice deep breath to cleanse yo palette Then wait a few seconds drop ya drawls bend all the way over so yo nostrils is closest to yo PP pull the covering back and inhale deeply If it smell like Dove soap bruvlilacs and lavender and almond butter coconut essence? U good money On the other hand if it smell like that sliced cheese assortment u copped at Costco for a party one time bc u felt like u grown and u gon serve wine and cheese at a party but u had left over cheese from the platter so u stuffed it in the back left corner of the fridge behind the strawberries and bread and u find it eight months later and it got a farm of green foliage growing on it Bruv and u took one whiff and u wanted to vomit if yo PP smell like an expired grown-and-sexy Costco cheese platter Bruv? YOU NEED TO CLEANSE YASELF Just warm water and soap Shit ain’t rocket science RIP to the dignity of the poor women that u subject to your CheesyPP — Susan B Anthony ain’t die for this WE CAN DO BETTER BLESS UP 🤞😂😂😂 Meme

Bless up










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