The Independent @lndependent Follow Someone told this woman Sharia law should be banned She shut them down in the most epic way Someone told this woman Sharia law should be banned She shut them down Monday's episode of ABC's Q&A featured two people with vastly different opinions engineer Yassmin Abdel- indy100com Amin HaqueAminHaqq 13m Replying to @Independent Hey @Independent can you guys quit your bullshit? Pointing out that a faith that was more egalitarian literally over 1000 years isnt shutting someone down You got the next 1400 years to poorly explain Islam to me is the most feminist religion Right We got equal rights well before the Europeans We don't take our husband's last names because we ain't their property We were given the right to own our own land The fact is what is culture is separate from what is faith and the fact that people go around dissing my falth without knowing anything abo ty Amin HaqueAminHaqq 10m Please @Independent tell me why did she refer to praying something that only applies to the individual as a defence for sharia law? *LAWS* apply to evervone Me praying flve times a day is Sharia Lambie continued unwilling to listen to the Muslim woman's definition of Sharia law t What about equal rights to women? That says Magied is completely separate from Islam And then she delivered the following smack-down Amin Haque@AminHaqq 5m So go ahead @Independent write an article about the sharia *laws that apply to someone who leaves their faith or about inheritance or domestic violence?? Dont forgot your patronising hashtags #pwned #owned #smackdown Or is that too clickbaity for you? The Independent quotes a woman who think Sharia Law is feminist Meme




Domestic Violence



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