The Independent @Independent Here's what you should do in the event of a nuclear attack indpn 2piOhjW 8917 319 PM NBC News @NBCNews NBC NEWS Don't run Get inside What experts say to do in case of a nuclear attack nbcnewsto2VNWTmt 8917 930 AM CN CNN @CNN Hawaii is preparing in case of a North Korea attack Experts say you have about 15 min to take cover after a launch cnnit2upXdZ9 taraljc lemonsharks nikkoliferous biggest-goldiest-spoon zoanzon missmwynter madlyinlov3onda oakenroots oakenroots quietrain shesheistyy tripprophet weavemama ladies and gentlemen we have officially reached the “in case a nuclear attack happens” phase…… x This shit is wild Wtf a table finna do for anybody?? There’s basically nothing you can do but die they’re doing this to give people a sense of safety even though we full well know this won’t work at all ALRIGHT KIDDOS LISTEN UP! I did emergency management for the air force which involves this fun thing called Plume Modelling aka chart the path of death for a given bomb based on its payload distance type of detonation etc and let me tell you some actual LEGIT™ methods of minimizing damage to your life Unless you are within the vaporization zone where you turn into a fucking shadow because of your proximity to the blast there is a specific order of events nuke blasts cause and there are ways to protect against these things 1 There is this thing called a flash to bang ratio It is really freaking important The first wave from a nuke is a blinding flash of light that can literally FRY YOUR RETINAS If you believe that a nuke has just dropped on your city HIDE AND DONT LOOK AT IT @shesheistyy a good solid table is good for this but you’re way less likely to go blind if you get to an internal room with no windows especially one below ground 2 After the flash there will be the bang If the time between the flash and the bang counted in Mississippi seconds is more than 10 seconds you MIGHT survive and just die of cancer later If it’s between five and 10 buckle up kiddos because the worst is yet to come And well if it’s less than 3 you won’t live long enough to remember this These are loose estimates only 3 The “bang” usually announces the arrival of the fire ball Yes A massive heat shock will erupt from the core of the bomb and light pretty much every thing it comes into contact with including your flesh on fire Back to that whole “metal buildings underground” thing There’s really no getting around the whole getting lit on fire if you’re too close thing 4 Fallout When the bomb goes off it sucks all of the shit it just vaporized up into the air with it and as the blast cools it begins to rain down the radioactive fucked molten wreckage onto everyone in a huge radius Just because the fallout you can see has stopped doesn’t mean the molecular radiation has stopped The survival factors for nuclear blasts are time distance and shielding The longer it takes for it to get to you the less of it there is The further away from the source the less dead you are Want to survive? Put 6 feet of concrete andor 2 feet of lead between you and everything else Yes Those loons with their bunkers actually got something right NOW! About radiation! If you are so fortunate as to survive one of these blasts and not be vaporized or burnt to a crisp or die of radiation poisoning within hours you need to understand the types of radiation Gamma radiation is the most “severe” in that it can penetrate your flesh through your clothes and house causing severe illness Gamma radiation fucks with your cell walls and disrupts your DNA It kills you in hours months or years Some people survive decades Think of gamma like the sun Too much exposure gives you cancer Now Beta on the other hand think of Beta particles like sand on the beach Its in the air Its in your clothes in the creases of your fingers But beta particles can burn through your flesh or get into your blood stream through open wounds Luckily they can be stopped with nonporous materials like rubber or foil Make that two points for the loony conspiracy theorists Aluminum foil does protect from beta radiation And finally Alpha radiation Think of alpha Radiation like dust motes It takes a high density filter to prevent you from breathing them in and if you’re surrounded by rubble they’re probably everywhere Alpha particles do the same thing as beta particles in terms of getting into your system and wrecking your shit So! Survival? Most likely based on dumb luck But! If you think you’re being nuked 1 get under ground or at least to an internal room of the building if no other options are available 2 CLOSE YOUR EYES Curl into the fetal position to protect your orifices and vital organs from gamma radiation and get low to the ground to reduce damage from the blast and potential ceiling collapse 3You will still feel the flash pass over you Count One two three… If you aren’t vaporized yet keep counting Pray to every god ever imagined that you get to 10 before you hear the bang 4 Bang Try not to shit yourself The fireball will follow almost instantly if you’re in range Be prepared to start rolling to put yourself out 5 Fallout rains down Do not open your eyes Do not stop praying As hard as it is because time will feel as if it has slowed to a crawl try not to leave your position for at least 30 minutes although 60 minutes is better At 30 minutes only 60% of the potential fall out has fallen but by 60 minutes up to 90% may have come down 6 Remember Alpha and beta radiation are particles Do not put anything in your body that has not been thoroughly washed dusted of or came from a sealed package Point 3 for the conspiracy theorists hot pockets and canned food are probably still safe Do not leave shelter without goggles and try to wrap yourself in a minimum of those weird space blankets but rubber and metal lined suits like hazmat suits are best for the job Good luck in the future apocalypse! 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Look whats Relevant again… I wonder if there’s any where to watch White Light Black Rain Saw it back in highschool History repeats and all that jazz After all It’s not like ‘duck and cover’ and other nuclear protection methods of dubious quality weren’t a mainstream in the Cold War or anything… We’ve been here before It’s just the first time around for us younger crowd Stay safe Reminder that according to the Doomsday Clock we are currently at greater threat of nuclear annihilation than we were even at the height of the Cold War Nukemap for “how far from ground zero must I be to survive this” httpsnuclearsecrecycomnukemap Like… Manhattan might be toast but that doesn’t mean the citizens of Long Island shouldn’t know how to mitigate their terrible fuckin situation just because Manhattan is toast If downtown Chicago is at the center of a nuclear bombing when I’m at work I’m dead but if I’m home I have a chance to shelter in place and then bag up the cats and go crash with friends in Wisconsin And also how absofuckinglutely horrifying is it that we need to know this shit? very absofuckingluteky horrifying Meme










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