The I'm Not Angry Mark Usage When you need to be brief but you're not angry Example We need to talk The Sinceriod Usage When you want to break out of your cycnical shell and be truly honest with someone Example Oh wow Thank you This sweater is just what I wanted Sarcastises Usage The opposite of the sinceriod Use when you want to be sarcastic but in a way that's totally different and better from whatever system you're using now Example Oh wow Thank you This sweater is just what I wanted Hemi-Demi-Semi Colon Usage If you don't know when it's appropriate to use a semi-colon and you're too lazy to learn you can use this in place of commas semi-colons and periods Pretty much wherever you feel like it Eхample Now I can act superior and avoid learning anything I'm a stain on humanity Andorpersand Usage One simple symbol for andor Example Some people hate the very existence of the phrase andor but these people are uptight &o stupid Mockwotation Marks Usage For quoting something that someone didn't say but totally would say with the way they're being right now The written equivalent of doing an impression of someone by saying Look at me I'm so-and-so and wiggling your hands by your head and speaking in a high-pitched voice I'm Stacey I'm going to complain about being hungry but not offer any suggestions of my own said Stacey Collegelf Superellipsis Usage For an extreme dramatic pause When you want the reader to wait a good 20 seconds before reading the next part of the sentence Maybe even imagine the lights flickering and some thunder crashing Example He paused cautiously as he approached the superellipsis On the other side he found more words! Collegelm Morgan Freemark Usage Reminds readers that they can read words in any voice they want so maybe they should read these words in Morgan Freeman's voice Example And so Kevin took this big swig of vodka and straight-up ran head-first into the wall you should probably go to TheMetaPicturecom lolzandtrollz New And Necessary Punctuation Marks Meme






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