THE GOTHIC REVIVAL IN CALIFORNIA 1850-1890 LYIE F PERUSSE fabricated in the East and shipped 'round the Hor and assembled in the West The early Presbyterians of San The Gothic Revival flourished in California during the Francisco met for a while in the city hall until their own period following the discovery of gold through the decades wooden church of Gothic Revival design arrived planned subsequent to the opening of the transcontinental railroad and sawed and planed and chiselled in the East and shipped Introduction Internal and external evidence of the monuments conby sailing vessel around Cape Horn sidered dates them betwen 1850 and 1890 From the Golden Gate to the gold fields adventurous gold seekers dventurous gold seekers Brick Manufacture and Cc powerful ranchmen enterprising merchants and zealous A few towns located where good lateriic clays were churchmen buit in the pointed style It was but one of the available became centers of brick manufacture The first styles chosen however for the architecture of the period brick was manufactured in upper Californin 1847 at could be regarded as a cavaleade of American architecture the kiln of G Zins in Sutterville just south of Sacramento In 1817 Zins burned 40000 bricks and in 1818 his yard Towns were located from the coast inland along te produced 100000 bricks It seems probable that some of waterways to the gold fields during this period from San the earlest brick buildings in the area were made of Zin's Francisco to the Sierra Nevada The structures under bricks Doak's brickyard in Stockton in 1850 manufactured consideration are confined to this area comprising a por 700000 bricks some of which were sold in San Andreas tion of the coast valley and mountain areas of Northern Calaveras County and Coulterville Mariposa County The local supply did not meet the demand for in 1819 a shipload of brick from Plymouth Massachusetts sold in San Francisco for $6000 a thousand Disastrous fires and in microcosm California Materials and Construction Stands of timber depositsof later clays lime mortar the brick building boom of the fifties forced an expansion and stone were abundant The builders readily made use of the industry In 1854 two years after the great fire in of local materials in addition to those shipped in A Sacramento the city had over 500 brick houses Less than temporary advertisement in a San Franeisco newspaper a year after te Nevada City Nevada County fire of 1856 listed lumber for sale within a few weeks after the dis twenty-five fireproof structures had been erected there These examples illustrate the trend toward fireproof con- covery of gold struction Frame Construction Good quality of lme for mortar was found locally and Some large-scale structures were built with mortise and manufactured in Tuolumne and Placer Counties That tenon framingothers balloon and some were even pre manufactured at Columbia was satisfactory even when fabricated The Mariposa County Courthouse 1854 wxed with sand having a fair percentage of clay About built of lumber whipsawed from neighboring forests and 1853 John R Gwynn discovered a ledge of lime rock about fitted together with mortise and tenon joints held together a mile above the town of Aubun established a limekiln with wooden pegs3 Balloon framing considered by ci and produced quantities of me This lime was used tectural writers of the nineteenth century as the most oghout the northern part of the state and al the portant single contribution to domestie architecture was masonry structures in that part of the state were supplied used after the first quarter of the nineteenth century and with lime produced there The business was sold to H T Holmes who for the next thirty years furnished practically Several frame structures have been referred to as pre all of the lime for the masonry structures in the northern LYLE F PIst is emember of the Reference Staf in the Libvary part te state One of the largest deposits of hydraulic limestone was found in a range of hills back of Benicia in tended to replace the older methodring of the Unisersity of California at Los Angeles Cothic Revival in California 1850-1890 15 The Gothic Revival in California 1850-1890 Meme









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