THE DIVERSITY OF LOVE RELATIONSHIP CONCEPTS IDEALIZED MONOAMORY I'm feeling love for Alex AND Kim but only one of them can be REAL LOVE So I have decided for Alex and will forget about Kim CHEATING DON'T ASK DON'T TELL OPEN RELATIONSHIP ut my partner Alex doesn't know that I'm having an affair with Kim my partner Alex allowed me to have affairs but we don't talk about my partner Alex knows that I'm havina an affair with Kim Alex prefers to have one night stands occasionally who it is or what I do with them POLYFIDELITY HIERARCHICAL POL and they love each other too POLYGAMY and I'm married to both of them It's not legally recognized in every We're a closed triad none of us country but our religion supportscan have other partners or affairs they're both knows that Alex as my primary my partners but Kim partner always comes first multiple marriage EGALITARIAN POLYAMORY SOLO POLYAMORY RELATIONSHIP ANARCHY they're both my partners and none they're both my partners but I just like for ALL of my frienas more of them is generally more importantdon't want to move in or marry anyindividual way that feets right for both of us Kim and Alex also have other partners of them I need a lot of autonomy t don't care if anyone calis us partners or not time and space for myself c by Kirstin Rohwer Version 2o April 28 2014 polyamma Saw this the other day but Tumblr crashed before I could repost Luckily I had saved the image to my phone I feel like at this point I would definitely define what R F and I do as “Hierarchical Polyamory” EDIT Wow Who knew someone else’s work would become my most popular post? Also! As is the nature of human relationships this has somewhat changed for R F and I I feel I’ve moved toward a more equal relationship with each of them so I guess we’re more “Egalitarian Polyamory” now Meme











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