THE CHAD COOLER The Virgin Thanos Ended up getting killed by BEING BLASTED INTO THE SUN BY GOKU 2ND CANDIDATE TO BE CANONIZED IN THE was thwarted by a whamen or something in a stupid twist idk Had a simple story was Frieza's less homosexual ballsack chin DBS CANON in a story arc taking up shitloads of movies brother Basis for the most Yes normie memes Everyone with some sort of testosterone TIME TO DIE level loved DBZ series is watched mainly by numale cucks can't even really learn about this needs a golden gauntlet to have guy's series without inhaling soy through the anal cavity only died quickly because he was in a movie a power boost TRAINED HIMSELF INTO OBTAINING A FIFTH FORM THAT'S ACTUALLY A TRANSFORMATION has been shown to be just as bloodthirsty as his overrated brother so probably destroyed entire worlds with his finger alone personality is quick yet effective always wanted to be better than frieza but learned that by letting goku survive his trip to earth he was no better because he was too lazy to actually shoot Goku tries to have an understandable attacks don't personality but fails even last in the long run GOT RESURRECTED AS META COOLER BY A SHAPESHIFTING UNICRON-LIKE ANIME DEATH STAR doesn't have a specific genre of music following him HAS KICKASS ROCK ARTISTS PLAYING NEAR HI LINKIN PARK DROWNING POOL DISTURBED AND MORE The Virgin Thanos vs THE CHAD COOLER Meme

Being alone


Death Star

Drowning Pool







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