Thank you for seeing Angie who presented requesting a referral to yourselt specialist referrals or treatments Angie presented via Private Amoulance on a stretcn bed-bound since September 2013 Angie reported three main issues she would like investigated Firstly her left shoulder and arm symptoms Angie states her symptoms began in September 2012 when she her lower back was twisted She reported strong pain in her shouider at this time She states her symptoms progressed til she was unable to sit or stand without pain increasing weakness with a tearing sensatio She reports bilateral hand and arm weakness but has noticed this is most affecting her Left fourth and fifth fingers She reports this is worsened by any physical activity Secondly backspine issues Angie states that she feels instability of her spine especially of cervical thoracic spine She describes a tearing sensation of the spine with any normal daily task She also ain and tingling in her legs and feet Stating that they also feel tight She has not had maximum that she feels she can safely do is lie in bed 247 Thirdly she states she has noted a decline in her cognition with difficulty maintaining a train of thought and difficulty understanding complex texts and that her memory has declined On examination Angie moved her legs unremarkable apart from patient reported hyperacute hypersensitive sensation to touch on the whole left leg I did not examine her gait Upper limb exam normal bilaterally again sensation lncreased on the left and decreesed power bilaterally 45 In all muscle groups s freely whilst lying on the board Her lower limb examination was tone no wasting reflexes present and equat As stated earier I do not know Angie's previous investigationsspecialist opinions She may have a brachial plexus injury from the action of her injury and some of her symptoms but I cannot account for all her symptoms and their progression Thank you for your assessment and opinion regarding Angie's symptoms appropriate investigation and management The transport company Angie uses in Yours sincerely escription Transport from Daringhurst totVncent Hosptalan return Code Rate Amount 31251 <p><a class=tumblr_blog href=httpsophaldredtumblrcompost130395322423 target=_blank>sophaldred<a><p> <blockquote> <p><a class=tumblr_blog href=httpsophaldredtumblrcompost128465568793 target=_blank>sophaldred<a><p> <blockquote> <p>I’m a 20 year old woman and I’m bed bound with post-brachial plexus injury neuropathy and nerve and brain inflammation For months at a time I’m stuck in my room and I’m completely unable to lift my head off the bed I had to move into private housing after I was recently evicted This has left me constantly on the verge of running out of money and becoming homeless <a href=httpsophaldredtumblrcomseptember-august-costs target=_blank>Full outline of costs<a><p> <h2> <b>Most recently my temporary accommodation has suddenly told me I need to move out by 8th Oct<b> I need to pay my paramedic bills to guarantee moving out on time with vital safe transportation Without this my spine would suffer catastrophic damage Due to a series of recent medical appointments my paramedic bill would be in the thousands by now<h2> <p><b>My friend Tahira is now offering commissions as rewards for donating <b><a href=httpsophaldredtumblrcomart-examples target=_blank>There are more artwork examples and full details at this link<a> Commissions include full body illustrations headshots canvas paintings and cosplay props Please consider making a small donation or reblogging this post thank you! <p> <p><b>Links <a href=httpwwwyoucaringcomhmnad target=_blank>YouCaring<a> Meme






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