TES erizon 18% Verizon 7O 18% Verizon 1 O 18% Verizon 1148 AM 1148 AM 1148 AM 1149 AM 17% P P P P Psycho Psycho> Psycho> Psycho VVCmmC O Is it? Lol meeting somebody in public is fine to me But once somebody has my last name they can find out where I live or harass my family just take it easy Lol yeah it was bad choice on my part so I try to learn from it I am a good judge of character I've just made some mistakes Don't need to I feel weird sharing my last name with strangers from the internet lol Just trying to be safe Same haha pass judgement about it I mean if you think its sketchy I'm sorry idk what to tell you It just allows me to keep some peace of mind and protect myself If that makes you feel uneasy then understand and we don't have to meet up I'm not passing judgment I'm preparing for our future T have a very uncommon last name which makes it easy for people to find info on me if they wanted to I've had bad experiences soI just try to be safe thats all I'll tell you when I see you Dont worry theres no criminal record or anything that I'm hiding Hmmm someone seems to be really uptight In a matter of minutes you have insulted me multiple times followed by insinuating that you and I have a future together followed by yet another insult Say all you want about my judgement of character but I'm gonna go ahead and follow my instinct to block you Glad I didnt share my last name with you Good luck with everything Im literally the only person in the US with my name Imao So you've considered coming to meet me and trying to make olans to meet but your last hame is confidentialthat's actually quite sketchy Doesn't make me feel uneasy I have zero reason to feel uneasy or concerned Does let me know that you're not a great judge of character though have to worry about some ex of yours breaking into our house one day and I'll have to kill him Experience with psycho stalkers huh? sounds like that was just some bad choice in friends on your part haha My last name is very distinct as well I'm literally the only person in the world with my name on Facebook and I'll probably Literally have never met one berson in my life that said they were worried about giving out their last name iMessage iMessage iMessage iMessage Pay Pay Pay Pay See comments for the grand finale Meme











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