tenaflyviper Tumblr has always been one of the most poorly-run sites I've ever seen It has been the laughingstock of the internet for YEARS be- cause of this @staff I'm gonna lay this down right now In making this latest decision you have not made the site any safer especially when a lot of the harm to minors around here comes from users' piss-poor treatment of each other that you've always turned a blind eye to You have not made it more appealing to investors especially because you'll be forcing content creators out in droves thus leaving behind pretty much only the previously-mentioned piss-poor behavior Do you honestly believe focusing on tags is going to work? And what do you propose to do when people simply stop using tags or come up with alternative ones? Focusing on links? We've been sending links to each other's inboxes right under your noses for years-we just replace a few dots with commas and your system misses it If WE can get around it I'm pretty sure bots can be programmed to do the same Nixxing links to third-party sites? Well you've just screwed over a lot of people looking for support on Patreon or trying to start fundraisers for their injured pets You were asked to do two things that many sites haven't had much issue taking care of Getting rid of spam bots and keeping the site reasonably clear of illegal content Your staff is so collossally inept that every attempt you've ever made to rectify these issues has caused loss of site function and massive backlash from the user base Only now that it's affecting your wallets do you attempt to do anything about it and the thing you've chosen to do is essentially lose the majority of your users by coming up with half-ass solutions that actually do more harm to those users than the legitimate criminals you're trying to eradicate If what you really want is a site for children and teens without any adult content then MAKE ONE not that it'd really solve anything since the most prolific producers of drawn and written porn are teenage girls and nothing would stop users there from continuing to be abusive as hell towards each other The users on this site are literally 85% adults that came here under the impression that they wouldn't be heavily censored or limited as they are on other social media outlets and could create a visual and written expression of themselves and their interests Congratulations on removing the only draw this site ever had Source staff An eloquent response to the issues with Tumblr staff Meme






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