Tech MEME clap d apple store whoo hoo cheers lots of bragging about ios11 tage and ios android? imersive design tools programingi fender advertisenent super imposed a fender guitar using ganing lego guys your Real 22 search suegestions now added to photos google photos 2015 features 23 24 got distracted found a sweet truck on craigslist 25 filters now ations google photos Re photos guy about sweet truck 31 more photo stuff and sharing and small back patting this was an acceptable anount 33 encryption super isportant but only nentioned for about 2 seconds this is really the ONLY reason to use an apple product 35 i spy add a shortcut to siri google voice 2314 feature loud cheers supgested apps based on locations google voice 2016 feature no cheers cool we can now blow people off with one single click cancle a meeting oh an flight details eoogle voice 1984 feature my 18 dollar it's so cool heheh funnyjoke jpg NPR news junkie LOLOLOL adds NPR to her drive home so it autonatically plays basically you can set up an allas that triggers fron your voice disable Siri if you can you can t this hand picked top news means its al1 propaganda and theyre getting they copied robinhood design schema for their stock app its·orthless not robinhood thats pretty sweet but i only bury 1and now and gold and tinfoil apple news now spies on your stocks app so now they know what you are investing in too creeps haul 18k lbs of hay sone blabbity blah about easier to use hink they copied the android one copied sone book features that have existed since forever in other apps wow thanks Danal 69 narketing shot of SJu blue hair in the wild aposenatisn? a-pa-si added a lock to your know when its CNN add now has access to your phone lock screen operation mockingbird? HOLY MOLY ITS GROUPED NOTIFICATIONS 77 ah its just what android did about 4 years ago Still it's nice to have 79 how much more of there is this? i' starting to get reaall111llly bored reports its nice of then to show you what they send to the NSA Thanks Nice hair guy for real app lisits lolol glggle laueh chuckle i'n so addicted to social nedia elegieele let us take care of your kids tool they share the activity report on kids wtf apple 3 hours!?!?! ·tat kind of idiot lets their kids go on an iPad for 3 hours this app shows you how creepy the spying has actually becone for that I applaud you Nice hair guy 86 They've increased their control over their enojis took out that colt 45 and replaced it with an acid spraying water gun resenber that? sadpepe-ipe animoji's copied snapchat at a VERY basic level this is really late aninoji i'n pretty sure the audience was told to laugh it all seens really fake nenoji is this sone sweet mereing tool for leftists? they can't mene you gotta respect their using a kardashian voiced blondie to talk about the enojis since you know they're probably the only ones who use this crap cyyyygooooossssshhhhhhhh i neeed t fix ay haircut on my reenennnooo jjjiii akshaauuly I had to nute at this point since the oice is so irritating Is this really how the average blonde haired woman in Anerica sounds? IF that's the case there's really no wonder why the rest of the world has a deep dislike for Anerican culture This wonan is the epitomy of rbf seriuosly this Monan is whats wrong with anerica 1 dog they treat like a child 2 partner not husband at least she's not transnutegenderqueer 3 her voice is SUPER annoying aninoji responds to your nouth and does mouth tracking which is pretty coo1 Akshhauuly I approve of people using a fake then instead of the real them to selfie with it neans less persona infornation is shared with the NSA in real tine Allthough there's no reason why they couldn't send the real ther on while displaying the fake then to the public I guess thats fine? I'n pretty sure they used the annoying in the last part just to accentuate nice hair guy's sultry voice it was a relief to go back to his voice and hair and pure conservative values he married voted for trump and has great hair nossages and facetine now integrated group chat it's pretty much what google did back in 2815 nan does he have nice hair The developers are a rabid bunch of tools they actually fit their self made stereotype quite nicely okes were lane but sonehat endearing another nice haired guy with a GREAT smile silicon valley creep look another nice haired guy with a GREAT smile silicon valley creep look Woody was lookin' good He's bably the guy who did ALL the MOrk Mas he from Finland?· well the neckbeard did work too Woody you're akshaaully a genius for replacing real faces with fake faces it'11 do a lot for kids who are blasting their faces over the internet to every pedo out there pizzagate real? 105 brageing intro they make cars or watches? I can A CAR AD for 59 years runnin been voted nurber one watc 115 calling feature I can't even begin to start breaking down the logical fallacy's in then associating a life being saved with the aid of their watch and getting you to think that you just NEED this watch talk about faulty generalization watchos 5 live strean lagged missed the intro But the guy talking has those soybay glasses he's also short but thats cool i like short people RAISE YOUR WRIST? ARE YOU ASKING ME TO NAZI SALUTE'' !?!!?!?! there's someone who will review only the Match stuff İ dont feel like writing all the crap down but its more social more cool more ganified yoga work out hiking oot door roon rolling nile pace FYI this has been in all the other apps 123 124 I just realized apple rips off every good feature fron the best apps in the store and replaces them as the defacto app by integrating it into their IoS They brutually cut out the middlemand and take their revenue and data collection 127 Apple has ganified lots of things For a bunch of SJM*s except for nice hair guy they sure do like ganergate people and their views on life 129 why didn't they fix that utterly STUPIO feature that forces you to have your bluetoothwifiwatever on all the tire walktalkie app on the watch ahhhh so now 1 can give soseone the ability to interrupt my life at anytine? anazing 133 coffee has kicked in now i can hardly pay attention anymore but there's nore watch stuff that should've been in the first release gone now thats hot diverse wonan in yoga pants running by the ocean AND the sountains you can have all that171 why yes consumer yo ucan if you use this feature that does sonething ahh yea podcasts clearly there's no content here 148 That truck though i think i'ngonna buy it it has a 398 in it that puts us at 10k towing capacity? thats a hunnit bales of hay! 142 sone wonan rides a bike and wears a Match and talks about some competition stuff thats cool i euess it's pretty anti soyboy culture encourages excercie and raises testosterone by giving yo uthe chance to Monan encouraging toxic nascu when it should be manly man with a fat chew in doing it wait baby and wonan is at work working I actually don't really nind this attempt to renove nasculinity I'd probably rather be at hone Raising kids is nore isportant than working but then sen are not as naturally gifted at the nutrutiring side We should probably talk about todays society and how broken it is but i don't really feel going into that now 148 potbelly say glasses guy is back Í shouldn't insult t too much probably super smart and talented why do they all wear black? and the wonen wear all kinds of fancy clothes? HOW DARE YOU PERPATUATE THE NOTION THAT WOMEN wait Watch stuff aint over student ID card on your watch 154 its just a watch band standing ovation wow this is top notch virtue signaling Nazi salute Seriusly FYI i'm watching everything except for this part so you dont have tol note fron app s that they're partnering with cable companies canal+ is France's main propaganda tool Apple is in on it now Soneone shoud1 probably easier to just streaming service And you're not exposed to nonsense government propaganda! Thats nice i guess btw did you no the UK and cing sones? heh Poor noraiesSeoms like Apple Netflix and thei ring of the Obanas Sorry Apple you can't beat that Thats 1984 as you can get 165 168 This girl has those bangs and those petite bangs that you nakes you want to take care of her you know? provide a solid hone a good safe environment? very wholesone sone more travel stuff not sure what's going o south korea! wheres north korea? back tingey? sultry voice cones back dark node 184 xcode looks a lot like sublime text 2 no dark node watch this It turned painful I need to酌chew sone tobacco and do Man things I can't even inagine having to be in that crowd I bet it stinks of soy 192 In sumary lots of things about today's society that I dislike all in one place Typical Apple waiting and letting others do the testing on features then taking all the best ones and attempting to ninic then They get it right nost of the tise but sone of the stuff is just lameIt's actually a pretty good tactic Linit R&Dc cryption they needs a warrant to access a locked apple device Could probabl use nore infornation on this I still reconnend Apple products over Google I use Apple for work and nothing for personal Wanna get ahol 193 195 Apple Tech CLAP review CLAP Meme










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