Tate Reeves Bill Waller Jr Write-in pyropansy frogmunist superunfriendlyreminder Funny how all these voting machine “glitches” always benefit republicans… Isn’t this literally a joke in an episode of the Simpsons Hey! I’m an election worker! If you ever have an issue like this please tell the people who are working at the polls! I don’t know about other states as ours got new machines two years ago and we have some of the newest polling machines in the country but I’m sure that your local polling place will do something about a machine like this If you don’t trust the machines to allow you to vote for who you want you ALWAYS have the right to ask for a paper ballot If they refuse get that shit on video and blast them on social media Election offices HATE having people complain about them on social media Be sure to specifically get them denying you a paper ballot PAPER BALLOTS ARE NOT INVALID BALLOTS AND WILL BE COUNTED Know your rights be nice to election workers be sure to register to vote and actually get out there and vote! Also if you are willing and able you should sign up to be an election worker In the US there is a serious problem with most election workers being Republicans Most election offices try to have a balance between Democrats Republicans and Independent but that’s kind of hard when Republicans are the only ones who sign up It pays pretty well and its wayyyy less difficult than most retail jobs You also can learn so much Meme



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