tash @yeahstyles * Follow my uber driver just threatened to drive the car off a cliff help me Uber Support e @Uber Support Follow UBER @yeahstyles That is absolutely not okay Please DM us your email address associated to your Uber account so we can follow up RETWEETS LIKES 2780 1945 214 AM-20 Mar 2016 twlboaj verticalfrontalsomething yourpaperpal kirsty-not-kristy amoxli ok so I don’t usu reblog this stuff here but last year I had a horrible experience with an Airbnb host who threatened to bust my kneecaps stalk me and murder me right? And not only did I GO TO THE POLICE before cancelling the reservation but I also provided copies of that documentation to Airbnb customer service I should mention after hunting down that number in the depths of the stupid internet and being on hold for an hour Did they give me a refund for the months I’d paid in advance? No - they accused me of lying! A few weeks later in a fit of desperation a coworker suggested I tweet to Airbnb Ok I have maybe 30 followers on Twitter and didn’t really use it at the time but I thought fuck it Nothing to lose now I made a half assed attempt at an overly indignant tweet with plenty of capitalization and you know what happened? Within the HOUR It was taken down I was DMed by a CSR And I was given a FULL REFUND $1500 like THAT I don’t know what kind of dystopic fucking reality we live in where police reports mean nothing and the PR value from a half assed tweet to 30 followers outweighs the safety of my kneecaps but Social media… Lesson learned I guess Rebooting this addition because holy shit??? Corporations care way more about their brand than your safety Exploit that I had to send an angry tweet at my power company Within twenty minutes I was getting a phone call and my problem was fixed by the time I left the massage appointment I had Okay so this is important and all but original post is a joke that’s literally a picture of Harry Styles lol Meme






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