Tarn Adams <tarnadams@gmailcom Jan 22 to me Hi! This email is to confirm that $1 has been received for Bay 12 Games through Patreon from somebody that typed in your email address Hopefully that was you! Thanks for your support If you'd like a Story Reward just let me know in a reply to this email Each reward is a unique story written by Zach which might also appear later in some form up on ThreeToe's Stories in our development pages httpwwwbay12gamescomdwarvesdev storyhtml You can see some examples at ht indexphpASCII Art Reward If you'd like a Crayon Reward instead you'll need to include a valid postal address with your reply Rewards will be vaguely related to Dwarf Fortress unless you ask for something else You are now eligible for inclusion in the list of Bay 12 Champions You can view the list at httpwwwbay12gamescomchampionshtml If you'd like to be included just respond back to this message We can post anyall of the following name nickname location a short comment or quote try to keep 64x64 image Let us know in your response what you'd like displayed if you include a comment let us know whether or not you'd like it surrounded by quotation marks We have a B12 Champion Star image that we'll use if you don't include an image of your own Other images were created by spec without their permission If you'd rather not be listed you don't have to reply If at a later time you change your mind about what's been posted or about whether or not you'd like to be included just let us know at this email address We can no longer link to websites or post email addresses for your co requests Thanks again Tarn Tarn Adams tarnadams@gmailcom Tarn I would like a crayon reward I would like a rough copy of this image of Diavolo and King Crimson preparing to ruin someone's day Quality is no issue the sillier the copy is the more I will like it If you don't want to fulfill this request no hard feelings I appreciate all your work 3のが 前方ラが滅でら 果り Sent this to the guy who made Dwarf Fortress Meme











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