TARK actually daniel avidan -james elrod jr self-destructive for the aesthetic used to be too nice but doesn't give a shit now looks good in anything -don't talk to them about homestuck -bitter af acts like they don't care but actually holds grudges -has a hit list likes girls a lot lazytown trash lowkey weeaboo -7 years has crazy christian parents non-offensive sjw CHARD THE DAD AVE ME -jesus made me gay fam is on tinder but belongs on christian mingle leather daddies pure volunteers themself as captive housewife alcohol poisoning chile everyone hated them in middle school bc they won EVERYTHING would marry an avocado doesn't know the difference between spanish and english clingy af plays videogames school crushes on everyone asks how you're doing so they can tell you their problems self-loathing!! TORSTED AZZ HANDS CHEESE BARNACLES -steals lunches from other people -on track team but also lazy -likes younger guys -lowkey dead inside -in high-level classes but has no motivation laugh that could cure cancer -only realized their limits after it was too late -loves body horror -wears shirts for things they don't even know -the productive friend -bffs with the librarian -part of a cult -doesn't use technology does calligraphy but otherwise has average handwriting -will yell at you for not doing your homework <p>Tag yourself as the people I eat lunch with!!! My friend drew this and I came up with the captions enjoy <p><p>submitted by <a class=tumblelog href=httpstmblrcomTkGSNxMAldROT0rv-vZOGA>@its-just-robin<a><p> Meme











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