takamatsu-kun Can I please just talk about MCU Proxima Midnight I love her so much and have SO MANY feelings about her aaaaah Y’all know I love reinterpreting Marvel aliens I like so here are some notes on my design of her because I love coming up with alien physiologybiology- I turned her warpaint into facial markings so that’s just her skin now- She got a lot of markings tbh because I want them- She’s got very fine scales as opposed to human like skin cream colored scales are a lot finer and harder to see you can’t really tell unless you’re looking VERY closely which means soft tummy huehuehue skin texture’s similar to a snake in terms of feel but the scales are fairly tough especially the closer you get to the spine- Back spines can raise and lower like hackles but can also be ‘locked’ down when she needs to wear something tho they’ll flare up when any feelings are at level 100- Shiny blue iridescence that’s primarily confined to the darkest blue scales- “White” scales are really just blue reflecting the light so she has that shimmery night sky look because hello somebody- Light blue lines are for regulating body temperature- particularly for cooling Skin is very thin there with blood vessels being close to the surface hence why they’re blue bc her blood is a light blue color to let off heat The vents can expand and contract based on whether she needs to hold or release body heat She’s been described in canon to have a really low body temperature actually feeling cold to the touch so she’s constantly venting heat through cooling her blood They’re also very sensitive ofc important information- Sharp nails - Also sharp teeth because I must remain on brand- And ofc she’s buff as hell HNNNNNNNNN BUFF ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Meme











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