t doses of radloactive substances to human subjects At the same time atomie tests the residents of Utah and Nevada were purposely exposed to radioaceive falout There wer also a series of operations during and 1 secretly by the military through the spread of biological agents in order to the 1940s and 1950s in which US cities were attacked track Once the details of MKULTRA came to ight the focus in the media and in the Senate was on the use of drugs especially LSD While the researchers within the project did indeed concentrate on developing a vanety of hallucinogenic concoctions they did so with an end in mind The goal wast devise means and methods of was involved in secret projects to be able to keep those secrets if they were nterrogated Hypnosis combined with drugn sensory deprivation and systematic atuse were seen as a means to that end The leader in ths pharmaceutical and was at the time one of the most esteemed psychiatrists in the world As president of th American Psychlatric Association Canadian Psychiatric Assoclation and one of the founders of the World Psychlatrie Assoclation Dr psychological research was Dr Ewen Cameron Cameron Cameron began experimenting on lobolomses were not yet in common use though the procedure would begin to be implemented in 1936 on a wide scale Electroshock therapy was some years from being accepled as a peimary means of changing behavior Cameron relied on torturous and highly stressful techniques for breaking down the personality of his patients Schizophrenics would be stripped down naked beneath red lights for eight hours a day sometimes for up to eight months with repeated messages inundating Cameron would atlempt to induce the delirium associated with a high lever by cooking his pabents in an electic cage untal their body temperature reached 1 From January of 1957 until September of 1980 Cameron became one of the the CLA turned to in order to and human beings to do the will of the agency Cameron recelved 864242 44 from he CIA to develop a combination of techniques that would destroy an individual's memory of an event and enable the programmer to promising researchers o develop means and methods of rainwashing and progamming Cameron used a vaniety of drug combinations coupled with prolonged sleep deprivation isolation hypnosis and electro convulsive therapy in order to 'wipe an individual's memory His techniques warked lo a certain US prompting A to cut Camerons extent but ethical considerations led the C his work with funding channeled through 4727% 28% GB 8 3 One day i’ll get a couple sweet monitors new mouse pad a nice mouse better chair and desk For now two ~50in televisions will do Meme











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