T am Proud to announce my support to the newest candidate for Governor Gun-Gun G Gun-Gun for Governor!! Due to increased demand for a renewed need for a candidate that represents the Hardworking Americans here in Georgia Gun-Gun G Gun-Gun is the Answer! He was born in Statesboro Ga He has battled for the Rights of those that have been neglected and forgotten and abused From his meager beginnings as being abandoned by his caregivers just when he was weeks old Adopted by his family at 3 months old Gun-Gun achieved his Masters degree in Mathematics and has a Law degree from an internet accredited college He started his career in Private Protection and moved onto law enforcement to date serving a small private community for the last 12 dog years Recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant Gun-Gun promises to take a Bite out of Crime and will personally remove all illegal immigrants personally Gun-Gun assisted in building the ground supports for the Border Wall Gun-Gun used his own bodily fluids to mix into the cement footings of The Wall You just have to say his name to understand his stance on the 2nd Amendment Gun-Gun will propose laws supporting the Gun Grant to all new residents of Georgia Simply put new Georgia residents must stop at the Welcome Center located at the State lines to pick up a Free Handgun upon presenting proof of property ownership in the Great State of Georgia and of course proper federal background checks Gun-Gun wants to hear from all his constituents If any legal voters have any questions or concerns they may visit our campaign website and followup on all the issues important to Gun-Gun wwwgun-gunggun-gunforgovgun You may also contribute to his campaign fund on the website So Please show your support for GUN-GUN G GUN-GUN FOR GEORGIA GOVERNOR!! VOTE FOR GUN-GUN PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THE INTERNET POLL THAT WE WILL POST IN THE COMING DAYS paid for by Friends of Gun-Gun GGun-Gun for Georgia Governor Meme











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