sweet avidyajones gebbeh hvkryt er imagine if firebenders breathed fire their throats burned from the inside and their windpipes glowed like furnaces and when they cough burning cinders come out imagine waterbenders being horribly cold to the touch pole-born bender's skin feels like cracking ice when they're bending like the deep of the ocean won't leave them imagine earthbenders whose bones crack and swivel around unnaturally when they use their powers their limbs distorting out of shape as their skeletal structure deforms or contracts from a backwash of bending power little crystals start to grow in their pores in some kingdoms its considered fashion and in others its looked as unseemly imagine airbenders whose skin looks almost ghostly maybe even not quite there their voices shift randomly from whispering breezy lightness to booming roars without any warning whatsoever imagine benders with more body horror imagine what the avatar would be like As a member of the Avatar fandom as well as a huge fan of horror l am 100% in favor of this Okay so in my folder recs post herehttpswwwfacebookcomETNAIBphotosa229149657207077471632291454772074951062564580532243?type=3 two people Courtney Morris and Stephen Van Ness requested the Imagination Station folder but this needs a little explanation This is not an Adventures of Odyssey folder I am very sorry I also made this folder quite a while ago I gather from this picture for 'imagine' type scenarios that Tumblr and the like comes up with I subsequently saved this picture BEFORE I had even watched ATLA which is kind of funny because since watching it I have formed several well head canon ideas which kinda fit with this picture specifically about water and fire bending If you want to read them they're bellow They're long I think a lot Also this is the only picture in this folder at the moment haha nb I have not watched Korra so some of this might be in there I don't know Sic's ATLA Imagines If earth benders can have seismic sense at the very highest level wouldn’t water benders be able to usehave echolocation at the same level? Echolocation bio sonar how whales and dolphins communicate by sending out sound waves through the water that bounces off objects and animals Would this skill be able to be used in rivers and streams as well? To be able to feel vibrations and a waves in the water to track things? Seismic sense is being able to see from the waves in the earth water has waves too What does sound bending come under? What is the average temperature of a Fire bender’s fire? How hot can they go? Are there limits? The air temperature around a lightning strike is 20000 C and lightning bending is a thing soo if an Avatar can lightning bend and get a heat of more than 3000C then theoretically they should be able to MAKE diamond You know if they didn't have any to bend Carbon earth pressure air and heat fire equals diamond Is diamond the hardest substance in this world? Or shouldn’t the avatar or a set of three really powerful benders be able to make storms and affect the weather? Air currents air plus cloud and clouds formations water heatenergy fire= a thunderstorm DOES the avatar or other benders manipulate the weather in ATLA in world? Water is conductive You put lightning in water… well What if you put lightning in healing water? You could make a defibrillator Of sorts I mean it’d be very dangerous as you’d need a skilled fire bender and a skilled water bender to be able to do it The fire bender to control how much lightning he puts in it and the water bender to do the healing Water benders temporarily paralyzing an opponent by freezing their spine Water benders pulling water up from deep underground to make wells in deserts yeah Meme











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