SUPER SWEET FRIENDLY ACTIVE AFFECTIONATE PLAYFUL BOY! A Blue WIGGLY WONDER & TOTAL LOVEBUG ID 65308 8 YRS YOUNG 52 L BS OF JOY & LOVE DREAMING OF YOU AT STATEN ISLAND ACC INTAKE DATE 06-08-2019 Sweet Older Pooch Blue @ SI ACC If you watch his video below and we asked you what you thought Blue’s age was we bet a dollar to a dozen you would say he is a year old But you would be wrong We couldn’t fault you for thinking this wiggly affectionate super social sweetheart is a puppy We would have thought the same But happy hearted Blue is 8 years old He’s almost a senior! But this amazing kid with his ever present grin and who is constantly in motion isn’t ready for dozing in a dog bed yet He’s raring to go whether on a run or a hike or a swim in the lake He seems to love other dogs and he tries all the time to get in people’s laps for cuddles and kisses He’s got more energy than dogs half his age but a lot more wisdom too If you are looking for a tail wagging wonderful friend who will shower you with kisses and be up for any adventure look no further Blue has the biggest heart of any dog we’ve seen and he’s ready for his perfect family Please don’t let him wait too long Message our page or email us at MustLoveDogsNYC@gmailcom if you can foster or adopt him A volunteer writes Blue was brought to us because his owner left Blue with a friend Due to circumstances the owner is unable to reclaim Blue and no one is able to care for Blue long term A volunteer writes “Blue was surrendered as a stray and he's now looking for a new place to call home He looks and acts like a very young dog so we'll see if his age will change on his profile He did well in playgroup with Nanouk and he's very friendly with people He's in adoptions now at SIACC” A staff member writes Hey Blue! That is a popular refrain shouted from the stands at umpires at a baseball game when a call goes against the home team You will never strike out with this Blue who is playing for Team ACC out in Staten Island A true all-star of a pup he certainly could lead the majors in stolen bases as he is fast runner with a ton of energy If you are looking for a friend to bring some excitement to your home one who knows how to be a team player Blue could be for you! Come down to Staten Island's Care Center to see if you and Blue are destined for a Hall of Fame match-up!” MY MOVIE Blue - handsome and friendly httpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v=Jq4fWBdO1ec BLUE ID# 65308 8 yrs old 52 lbs Unaltered Male Staten Island ACC Large Mixed Breed Black White Surrender Reason his owner left Blue with a friend when being arrested Due to circumstances the owner is unable to reclaim Blue and no one is able to care for Blue long term Shelter Assessment Rating LEVEL 2 No young children under 5 No cats Medical Behavior Rating INTAKE PROFILE - BASIC INFORMATION Blue is a black and white male large mixed breed approximately 8 year old dog that was brought in due to his owner being arrested Blue previously lived with 2 adults Blue is friendly and outgoing around strangers Blue has no experience around children Blue has spent time around a small mixed breed male dog He was respectful relaxed and playful Blue will lunge and growl around cats He has no ressknown ressource guarding issues and no known bigte history Blue is housetrained and his owner describes his energy level as very high Other Notes Blue will destroy furniture and has escaped a 10 ft fence He is nervous during storms fireworks and will hide Blue is not bothered by having his bowl touched his treats taken away his toys taken away being pushed off furniture being held being disturbed while sleeping being given a bath having his dog brushed having his nails trimmed or when someone unfamiliar approaches the yard or house Has this dog ever had any medical issues? No Medical Notes Blue has no known medical issues For a New Family to Know Blue can best be described as friendly confident and excitable His favorite activity is playing with other dogs When at home Blue tends to follow his human around His favorite toys are chew bones He loves to play chase and is use to being indoors and outdoors Blue is use to sleeping in a crate and eats both wet and dry food Blue is house trained and and prefers to go to the bathroom on cement When left alone in the house Blue will escape Blue knows the command sit and gets his exercise playing in the yard On leash Blue pulls very hard When off leash Blue will wander but will come back BEHAVIOR NOTES Means of surrender length of time in previous home agency Previously lived with 2 adults Behavior toward strangers friendlyoutgoing Behavior toward children no prior experience Behavior toward dogs respectful relaxed played Behavior toward cats lunge growls Resource guarding None reported Bite history None reported Housetrained Yes Energy leveldescriptors very high Other Notes Blue was reported to destroy furniture and escaped a 10 foot fence SAFER ASSESSMENT Summary Leash Walking Strength and pulling moderate Reactivity to humans inconclusive Reactivity to dogs inconclusive Leash walking comments Sociability Loose in room 15-20 seconds moderately social Call over approaches readily Sociability comments Handling Soft handling accepts contact Exuberant handling seeks contact Comments attempts to jump up on assessor Arousal Jog Engages in play with handler loose soft Arousal comments Knock Approaches loose Knock Comments Toy Grips relinquishes Toy comments PLAYGROUP NOTES - DOG TO DOG SUMMARIES 61119 Blue was introduced to a neutered male When the male attempted to mount him he gave a slight grumble They did not play but were comfortable in the same space INTAKE BEHAVIOR Date of intake 8-Jun-2019 Summary loose wiggly MEDICAL BEHAVIOR Date of initial 9-Jun-2019 Summary hyper friendly ENERGY LEVEL very high BEHAVIOR DETERMINATION Level 2 Behavior Asilomar TM - Treatable-Manageable Recommendations No young children under 5 No cats Recommendations comments Due to the high level of jumping seen at the care center we recommend a home without young children Older children who are comfortable around large jumpy dogs should have an in-depth interaction prior to adoption Blue was reported to lunge and growl at cats Due to this we recommend a home without any cats Potential challenges Destructive behavior Basic mannerspoor impulse control Strengthleash pulling Potential challenges comments Blue is reported to show destructive behavior in the home such as chewing on furniture We are unaware of what if any attempts were made to remedy this behavior but we suggest to future adopters that Blue will need to be provided with physical and mental stimulation and with a variety of appropriate and engaging chew toys so he can engage in necessary chewing behavior without damage to human objects Please see the handout on destructive behavior Blue has been seen to jump up on handlers It is recommended that default behaviors such as Leave it SitStay Down are reinforced to substitute any frustration and teach her to control her impulses instead of simply reacting proper management is also advised Force-free reward based training only is recommended Please see the handout on basic mannerspoor impulse control Blue is a very strong dog with the capability to pull over an average adopter His adopter must be prepared and able to handle a dog of this size and strength It is recommended that he be walked on a front clip harness or head halter which help diminish his strength through leverage and that he be trained using positive reinforcement reward based training to not pull on leash Please see the handout on strengthleash-pulling MEDICAL EXAM NOTES 18-Jun-2019 Pre-Op Exam Subjective pre-neuter exam was treated with enrofloxacin for otitis Objective BCS- 59 EENT Eyes clear AU-mild erythema and brown debris no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam mild tartar PLN No enlargements noted HL NSR NMA CRT < 2 Lungs clear eupneic ABD Non painful no masses palpated UG MI 2 descended testicles MSI Ambulatory x 4 skin free of parasites no masses noted healthy hair coat CNS Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal external wnl Assessment otitis externa Plan neuter today applied oti-pack AU 18-Jun-2019 SpayNeuter Summary Surgery Template - Dog Neuter Was this dog a cryptorchid? No If so describe - Pre scrotal Incision Spermatic Cord Ligation with 2-0 PDS Sub Q closure 2-0 PDS Skin closure? 2-0 PDS intradermal 18-Jun-2019 Surgical Notes Post Surgery Note 111 PM Anesthesia Summary Canine NEUTER Pre Medication Hydromorphone 2 mgml – 118 ml IM once Dexmedetomidine 05 mgml – 014 ml IM once Induction Midazolam 5 mgml- 047 ml IV once Propofol 10 mgml – 946 ml IV once Testicular block LidocaineSterile water 118 mL282 mL administered pre-operatively Anesthesia Notes Size 9 mm ET tube placed maintained general anesthesia throughout procedure on variable isoflurane and variable O2 Used rebreathing system with 3 L bag 20 g IVC placed in L cephalic vessel Intraoperative IV LRS at 5-10mLkghr at 300 mLhr NSAID Rimadyl 50mgmL injectable 189 mL SQ once post-operatively for post-operative pain relief Recovery Status Uneventful AnesthetistSurgical Monitor 12890715 Start 1 tablet of Caprofen 100 mg SID PO x 3 days as pain management 9-Jun-2019 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age 8 years Microchip noted on Intake? no ACC implant Microchip Number If Applicable History stray Subjective active alert and responsive Observed Behavior - hyper friendly Evidence of Cruelty seen - no Evidence of Trauma seen - no Objective T = P = R = BCS- 59 EENT Eyes clear ears- otitis externa no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam mild tartar PLN No enlargements noted HL NSR NMA CRT < 2 Lungs clear eupnic ABD Non painful no masses palpated UG wnl intact MSI Ambulatory x 4 skin free of parasites no masses noted healthy hair coat CNS Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal external wnl Assessment otitis Prognosis good Plan baytril enrfloxacin 136mg PO SID x 7 days recheck ears in 5- 7 days SURGERY Temporary waiver due to otitis *** TO FOSTER OR ADOPT *** If you would like to adopt a NYC ACC dog and can get to the shelter in person to complete the adoption process you can contact the shelter directly We have provided the Brooklyn Staten Island and Manhattan information below Adoption hours at these facilities is Noon – 800 pm 630 on weekends If you CANNOT get to the shelter in person and you want to FOSTER OR ADOPT a NYC ACC Dog you can PRIVATE MESSAGE our Must Love Dogs page for assistance PLEASE NOTE You MUST live in NY NJ PA CT RI DE MD MA NH VT ME or Northern VA You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a NYC ACC dog Transport is available if you live within the prescribed range of states Shelter contact information Phone number 212 788-4000 Email adopt@nycaccorg Shelter Addresses Brooklyn Shelter 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn NY 11208 Manhattan Shelter 326 East 110 St New York NY 10029 Staten Island Shelter 3139 Veterans Road West Staten Island NY 10309 *** NEW NYC ACC RATING SYSTEM *** Level 1 Dogs with Level 1 determinations are suitable for the majority of homes These dogs are not displaying concerning behaviors in shelter and the owner surrender profile where available is positive Level 2 Dogs with Level 2 determinations will be suitable for adopters with some previous dog experience They will have displayed behavior in the shelter or have owner reported behavior that requires some training or is simply not suitable for an adopter with minimal experience Level 3 Dogs with Level 3 determinations will need to go to homes with experienced adopters and the ACC strongly suggest that the adopter have prior experience with the challenges described andor an understanding of the challenge and how to manage it safely in a home environment In many cases a trainer will be needed to manage and work on the behaviors safely in a home environment Meme

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