Strongly Slightly Not surein Slightly Strongly Disagree Disagree between Agree Agree 1 I feel discouraged about the way things are going goodluckdetective theseriouscynic vanillayote clinicallydepressedpug jinxasaurus draggle slashmarks rosalinarosee angst420 tantefledermaus fromonesurvivortoanother telegantmess angryflyingstar angst420 job applications just keep getting weirder… pro jobseeking tip never answer these surveys honestly also a tip if they have a question like “Everybody steals from work sometimes” answer “disagree” I found this out when i was working as a hiring manager and the company i worked for started instituting these tests for managerial hires or promotions My boss and I were promoting someone and she failed the test because she answered that question as “slightly agree” which in the results tells them that she is someone likely to steal because she believes everyone does it When we asked her about her answer it turns out she picked what she did because she’s cynical and does assume that people steal but didnt agree with them doing so she almost sued the company for not promoting her based on that but chose to leave instead We lost a good employee because corporate decided these tests were a good way to screen for “good” employeestldr these things are poorly designed ambiguously worded and structured in ways that are designed to eliminate people because the intention of the questions is never made clear these tests are evil this sounds like an ableist disaster for people who aren’t neurotypical and who struggle with reading signals When I went to get diagnosed with ADHD the neuropsychologist couldn’t figure out what was going on because on paper I’m apparently floridly psychotic No the questions are imprecise and I am hyper-literal and extremely honest “Do you often see things that other people do not see?” Yes The question I was answering “Are you especially observant?” The question the test was actually asking “Are you having visual hallucinations?” “Does your environment ever have special messages for you?” Yes The question I was answering “Does the sudden sight of a rainbow during a bout of doubt and self-loathing make you feel as though the world is trying to cheer you up?” The question the test was actually asking “Do you believe that your toaster is trying to convince you that the neighbors are spying on you?” Five years later I bombed a psych eval for a park ranger job for the same sort of thing Tread carefully darlings ^^^^ that is actually such a huge issue with diagnosis!!!! and I’ve thought I didn’t experience symptoms for ages that I actually clearly had all along because of things being phrased super weirdly and confusingly And this is why McDonald’s never called me after I applied Yeah this is why this kind of thing in job apps needs to be illegal A lot of discrimination is well hidden Oh! That explains why even having friends and my then-husband proofread these every time didn’t even work They may not be as weird as me but they’re not neurotypical We all read the questions tantefledermaus mentioned as observational skills! Fuck This explains why I’ve failed all of these fucking things My sister said to answer these as if you were a really passive person who relied on managementauthority to tell you exactly what to dothink Protip my Dad is a hiring manager at Home Depot and he told me the system they use with the stupidass pointless 500 question quiz is designed so it filters out people with neutral answers Several months ago I applied for numerous jobs each of which required their own dumbass tests To save time and my sanity i would click the “sometimes” or middle option for nearly every question unless it was serious Nobody every called me back Hell only 1 of the 8 places i applied to even messaged me back saying “thank you but we have gone with someone else” Your applications wont even get seen unless you “pass” the quiz So when all yall do fill out these dumb things be sure to pick strong yes or no answers Never “maybe” or “slighty agreedisagree” Thank you for that cause I do that a lot Like I legit feel neutral on some of those questions Tumblr with the life hacks It’s really bad for someone who isn’t neurotypical because often these questions do contain language meant to filter us out For me I tend to notice the ones meant to filter out people with ADD like myself For example “do you have trouble focusing on one task” or “do you like to move around” My normal answers to these would be “yes but I have it under control” and “of course no one can sit still for hours” But corporations read them as “do not hire” It’s a bunch of BS So I answer them like a yes man from office space Works pretty well Meme











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