Stagger Lee Shot First @elongreen People tend to dance around it but conservatives liked AIDS for years the plague was from their perspective killing the right people 656 AM 02 Dec 18 2267 Retweets 8910 Likes Stagger Lee Shot First O @elongreen · 1d historical memory has turned their actions into negligence but they we cheering the epidemic on 27 164 1207 6 realtransfacts batsarentbugs In the documentary How to Survive a Plague they mention this very fact Reagan was the president during this time and do you know what he did when the LGBTQ community begged him for help? He fucking laughed at us His administration CELEBRATED that finally ‘God’s judgement in the form of a plague’ was striking down queer people They saw it as a form of divine population control Reagan could have given a rats ass about us… Until the plague began to effect straight people THEN his administration cared Because the people that mattered were finally getting sick And finally the millions of dollars in research money was poured into finding a treatment for HIV But by then so many LGBTQ individuals had died More people died from the initial HIV epidemic than the Vietnam war So when straight people complain about being ‘oppressed’ and why there isn’t a straight pride parade? Go fuck yourself No one has ever tried to wipe you out through a plague ignored your cries for help as a disease wiped out massive amounts of your community I haven’t watched the documentary but I did read the book How to Survive a Plague And I highly recommend that people readwatch it because it is very goodinformational as heartbreaking as it is Meme










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