sohaliatalitha okay but Vader literally turned off the lights on his chest panel to make an impression on the Rebels That whole emerging from the darkness by the light of his saber thing? That was intentional dramatic effect What a drama king Leia got away because he wasted 30 seconds scaring the crap outta those poor rebel mooks lunacyandlovliness And since they're indicators he would have had to turn his life support off So he nearly died for drama fuckyeahdiomedes Vader lives on mustafar the planet where he lost 34 of his limbs Is there ANYTHING he does for purposes other than to be dramatic? defira85 The man flew into an underground temple standing on top of a tiefighter he was flying with the Force while he also made his cape billow dramatically in a nonexistent wind there is nothing Vader will not do for Drama I have decided that Darth Vader doesn't actu- ally rescue his son because he experiences a sudden powerful call to the Light rather overthrowing all his old allegiances at the absolute last moment and sacrificing his life to save his son by destroying his shrieking wizard master in a storm of lightning and blue flame is the most dramatic thing he could possibly do in that situation and if there's one thing truly left of Anakin Skywalker it's his instinctual drive to do the most dramatic thing possible at all times Meme

Anakin Skywalker

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