Socialism is when a Democratic citizenship regulates commerce or production in any way including funding any public program It does not mean public ownerhsip you have simply be lied to Your own Founding Father Thomas Paine was a socialist and many later socialist would build their work on his and other like him such as early Chartists pushing The People Charter You should read the origins of socialism it doesn't start with Karl Marx he is one of the later and really less significant socialists Marx releases his manifesto when revolutions are ALREADY breaking out not decades in advance of The Spring Of nations In a world without internet Karl Marx release the Communist Manifesto the SAME MONTH the revolutions break out It's not magic he rushed the release to catch the social trend he didn't create the social trend people decades before him created the social trend starts with calls for expanding You need to look at 50 years before Karl Marx to see how socialism really starts and you will see elections to non land owners or basically all men over 18-22 or similar age It was all really about the existing European Monarchistic Capitalism being too damn brutal and people pushing back against capitalism with some kind of better guarnatee for workers That's exactly what your Founding Father Thomas Paine was preaching before Karl Marx WAS EVEN BORN! You've been lied to if you think Karl Marx is the major figure in socialism He was late to the game and the extreme version of socialism that is public ownership has still never caught on or even been used You still just have authoritarian governments owning stuff and pretending that's socialism Without free elections it ain't socialism and Thomas Paine to Karl Marx that theme is more than clear It's all about the elections because how else would workers regulate anything? Derp! We were lied to as the definition of socialism for the cold war and I suspect as a reaction from the rich during the 1700 and 1800s and then the 1900s and now As soon as the rich assholes in power say American and the France revolt they started launching plans to destroy socialism to re-label socialism as different things to tie socialism to authoritarian or poverty or THE DEVIL Anything money can buy to slander socialism they bought! I'd argue Karl Marx may have played into their hands by presenting even more radical version of socialism when the old Thomas Paine like socialism was a hell of a lot more popular and marketable That's is why today's Europe has Thomas Paine style socialism not Karl This physically hurts to read Meme





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