SO true So MANY YEARS EDUCATION YET NOBOY TANGthT US tow Loving yourself having confidence and not caring what others think of you and your dreams is much harder to do than to saybut it's extremely important if you're going to be an entrepreneur You see everyone is going to have an opinion Sometimes they shoot down your dreams to protect you family sometimes they say mean things because you're subconsciously reminding them of their own shortcomings friends and sometimes they comment hurtful things because they think they are funny strangers on socialand you can't control any of that What you can control is how those comments affect you and your attitude You have to have mental toughness if your going to be a successful business man or woman! It starts with loving yourselfflaws and attributes The good and the bad The whole enchilada! It starts with getting real with yourself and owning who you aretaking inventory of your strengths and magnifying them and weaknesses and working on them You are perfect in every way Embrace who you are and teach yourself how to love yourself and don't rely on other people's opinions for your happiness! 💯% real talk from an average guy who cracked the code and is living his dreams Like and comment if you agree ---------------- mindset motivation cleverinvestor codysperber happiness instaquote Meme











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