skorpianmafia 5h You realize that dress is squeezing the shit out of her tits to push them up making them look huge and in return her ego gets pushed to new heights with her thinking she has Sofia Vergaro tits Reply -14 RyanMcVeyOfficial 5h Yes I'm aware her boobs don't naturally float below her chin Her ego and Sofia Vergaro tits Where the hell did that come from? lol 8 skorpianmafia 5h Based off her Instagram stories she's always showing off her body and then a quick shot of aleister like hey boys you like my tits and ass?well too bad cause they belong to him and then smirks -10 StephMagnetPunk 5h You sound like you have a healthy view of women 11 skorpianmafia 4h I've just been used and treated like trash by women my whole life I used to be a very nice kid and respected them and would do anything for them but lately I just see them as people who use everyone and only care about fucking the hotter guy despite being with someone already My last ex cheated on me multiple times while I was at work and I didn't find out until one night I had off and went to see her but I heard moaning coming from her room Your right though I don't have a healthy view of women and it's my ex's fault for that I know not every women is like that and there are good girls out there but based off my experience that's not true -10 LetsHearSome Songs 3h That's a you problem chief 5 skorpianmafia 3h It sounds like it I know Try treating people like queens for years and years only to constantly be cheated on and used I may have been too nice and not enough of a bad boy for them -6 I may have been too nice and not enough of a bad boy for them From rwrestlewiththeplot Meme











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