sistercrow lokanemandi stormcloak cafford the Big Red Dog by Sandara OH MY GOD Can we have a Cifford live action movie? Not a kids movie either Like Emity Elizabeth's parents are working for a government agency developing a super soldier serum None of their testing is working and they start testing the serum on larger mammais in hopes of seeing better results They inject a variety of an mals including a dog Nothing They are desperate and on the verge of having their project shut down when they notice one of the test dogs is pregnant it gives birth and they bring one of the puppies home tor their daughter To their shock the puppy they brought home starts to grow at an incredible rate its fur mutating into a brilliant red as it does so They are ecstatic because their research has finally seen a result albeit one they weren't expecting There is only one problem Clifford has become attached to Emily and refuses to leave her side Emily too has fallen in love with her new pet They decide to let their project be canceled rather than try to separate the two Unfortunately the government discovers their secret and begins a campaign to retrieve Clifford at any costs During the initial confict Emily Elizabeth's parents are killed trying to help her and Cifford escape Emily and her dog flee into the wild This sets the opening of the movie Clifford The movie Meme





oh my god






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