shed1nja salty-sadness22 kintatsujo pretentioussongtitle disease-danger-darkness-silence captainroxythefoxy e-v-roslyn guu kuruluv catwithaknife httpswwwvicecomen_usarticlekzqpd9heres-an-insane-story-about-a-rogue-music-teacher-cutting-a-kids-hair what the fuck i’m just gonna take this post for a moment so i can rant but like i Hate how entitled adults can feel over a child’s hair! it started when i was young myself i wanted a mohawk but my dad didn’t approve of that look on a “girl” and insisted i’d regret such a bold cut at 16 i was finally given full autonomy over my own head but then i have a son and everyone around us is trying to keep his hair short when we finally moved out just me my partner and him i told him he doesn’t need to get any haircuts he doesn’t want so he starts growing it out it’s still short but coming on mid-length his teacher makes a point to tell me it’s getting long as if i don’t have eyes i hear her walking out with him one day talking to him about haircuts as if to coax him into one eventually i get child services called on me for ‘forcing a transgender lifestyle’ over what i can only assume is from a combination of me drawing cute ponies on his valentine box and letting him go to school in a ponytail he kept it short for awhile after but told me he wanted to grow it out again so i let him of course he comes home one day after getting a haircut at his grandpa’s and tells me he didn’t Want the haircut i ask why he got it then and learned he was bribed with a promise of a surprise IF he cut his hair tldr people need to back the hell up off of children and let them have owership of what’s on THEIR body! rant Same thing about getting a child to curl or straighten their hair Or do anything with it Just let kids have control over their bodies This happened to me when I was little too!! Growing up I had naturally tight Shirley Temple curls The only problem was that you can’t get a hair brush through it if your life depended on it until it grew out over a few years but This One Lady from church decided that leaving my hair messy and curly was child abuse and threatened to call social services on my family every damn time she saw me until one day she was the designated kid watcher and ho boy my momma tells me i came out with tears in my eyes and greasy slicked down hair and that’s where she ends the story because i think my mother beat her ass but yeah Leave kids hair alone I’m going to be honest parents who are super-controlling of their children’s hair creep me the fuck out and I’m not entirely certain why except that I get a vague feeling they kind of relegate them to “annoying talking doll” status I loved my daughter’s long blond hair It was thick and wavy and beautiful but when she told me she wanted it cut short ‘like a boy’she was four I took her to the salon and let her whack it off The stylist was skeptical ‘are you sure?” and the thing is she said this to me not my daughter So I asked my girl ‘are you sure you want it cut short?’ She was The hair went The stylist acted nervous most of the way through like she was waiting for one of us to burst into tears but it looked cute! And my daughter loved it! And it’s been short ever since Autonomy over your hair is bodily autonomy and we as a culture need to start holding bodily autonomy as sacred My family for years wouldn’t let me dyecut my hair really short I could understand the dye but the shortest they’d let me go is a bob They even let me dye my hair before letting me go that short I’m finally in control of my hair and my hair is one of my favorite things about myself It’s an easy way to express myself Let kids do what they want with their hair! Let them have fun with their hair before they’re told to grow up and have ‘professional’ hair! My mom had a monopoly over my hair Wouldn’t let me wear it natural was obsessed with me having flyaways in the front and wouldn’t let me get out of the car in the mornings until they were flat permed it when I was 10 wouldn’t let me cut it off for years after even though it was really damaged vocally disapproved when I finally cut it as short as she’d let me When I moved out I stopped putting any heat in it and a few years later I cut it all off again The second cut was my decision alone and it felt like a weight lifted off me like no one could ever tell me what to do with it again or tell me “I needed it” to be pretty My stepfather and his stepfather forced a hair cut on me 10 years ago because they said i was too girly for their tastesI grew my hair out ever since because ill never go fucking bald again like those two fucking neo nazis Meme

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