sharmaineannflores Need Financial Assistance! Hi I’m Danneil John Flores 22 years Old and I’m asking some donations for my sister’s condition since me and my parents are incapable of supporting her right now and most of my savings are all dried out now Both of my parents does not have a stable Job my father is just a pedicab driver and my mother is a housewife I had a job way back a year ago I can’t find a job in here since I’m the only one who can do the labors of getting her oxygen refilled daily and also in case of some emergencies most of the donations go through her medications our family needs and expenses if you are looking for more proofs don’t hesitate to contact this blog or contact us personally hereMy sister Sharmaine Ann Flores 26 yrs old suffers from PPAH Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension for near 3 years already which is a lifetime disease read more hereFor proofs just check this link we can provide documents and such but please email it to dayne@mailcom this is my emailUpdate February 2020Sorry for the delay but there was so much that happened in February 2020 My father got hospitalized due to high blood pressure and later on my sister got a unexpected signs of having a stroke due to her heart condition then she got hospitalized for 5 days because the doctor needs to observe her condition the doctors change some of her medicines and we we’re getting another follow up check up soon My hands are full since i’m also finding a job and luckily a friend of mine offered me a job so I don’t have much time to update this blog and get it spread everywhereBlog Update The acc that i use for doing this post was banned i can’t do anything for it so i’m making this new one Please Share our Twitter Post Here FOR DONATIONSRemittanceFull name Danneil John Tiano FloresBirth December 3 1996Address La Carlota City PhilippinesContact Number +639506420580PaypalPaypal is having issues please send your donations to our gofundmeGofundmeCampaign LinkNote If you can’t send to paypal since it always messes up please send it to our gofundme instead For my Bank InformationPlease Kindly Contact me on this blog THANK YOU SO MUCH!!GOD BLESS EVERYONE!! Meme










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