SHARE THIS IMAGE BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER MAKE IT TO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLACKTIVIST I spend half of the time bettering myself and the rest of the time teaching others People ask me everyday what books I read as I won't debate with people on racism or holistic nutrition if they have read no books on the subject and just have opinions via the news and their poor education of the dichotomy It's always the poorly educated and those who feel the most subconscious guilt who are the most in denial but guilt helps nobody you didn't create racism yet some do benefit from it today Learn about it and destroy it I think it's useful to be able to stand up with thugs or debate with scholars Many opinions on Race original acronym definition The Royal African Company of England this was created during European enslavement of Africans but not so much reading of books with African authors will leave the Africans frustrated-apathetic and the Europeans feeling guilty-apathetic and there is really no need All of this psychology has been created Here is my reading list please share The autobiography of Malcolm X as narrated to Alex Haley How Europe underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney Black skin white masks by frantz fanon The spirit of intimacy by Sobonfu some African holistic health by Dr Llaila o Afrika Nutricide by Dr Llaila o Afrika Handbook for raising black children A comprehensive holistic guide by Dr Llaila o Afrika The African origin of civilisation by Cheikh Anta diop The destruction of black civilisation by Chancellor Williams Dead Aid By Dambisa Moyo Two thousand seasons By Ayi kwei Armah Staying power by Peter fryer The Indian Slave trade by Alan Gallay The legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa by John Alembillah Azumah Behold a pale horse by Milton William Cooper Medical Apartheid by Harriet A Washington The new Jim Crow mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness by Michelle Alexander The Star of deep beginning by Charles finch MD chakabars Meme





Malcolm X






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