SESAME STREET0 frislander elfwreck loreweaver cameoappearance derinthemadscientist cameoappearance spockglocksrocks sometimes there’s videos that make me happy to exist on this planet i’d reblog this even if it was a still image I know it’s a sesame street clip but seriously who is the target audience for this? Parents watching it with their kids I guess? literally everyone Everyone No really… everyone For adults the appeal is Sir Patrick Stewart doing a kid’s educational bit in full Shakespearean dress and style there’s a delightful cognitive dissonance between the very serious presentation and the very simple content For very small children it’s educational this is the letter “B” here’s how it’s shaped here’s some words you know that start with it Oh and here’s a word you may not be familiar with that starts with it so you can recognize that it’s the sound that matters and not whatever other connection you made between the other two words For older kids you’ve probably heard that “to be or not to be?” speech or at least part of it so you can enjoy some of the parody the adults are watching Also here’s how to describe how a letter is made - how to teach young siblings who don’t read yet how to explain both the shape and the sound For kids with dyslexia here’s how you differentiate a “B” from a P or D or E You may have to go slowly and look carefully at the exact shapes that make up the whole but there are differences and you can learn to recognize them For teens or young college students In addition to whichever parts of those are relevant to you here’s what Shakespearean acting sounds like Here’s how to enunciate clearly and slowly so your audience can understand terms they may not recognize and still follow the gist of what you’re saying If you’re reading Shakespeare in school try sounding it out like this and see if that helps it make sense For new RenFaire workers Here’s how to pronounce “zounds” One of the most glorious things in the world is Shakespearean actors doing stuff like this Meme





Sesame Street






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