SCHOOL INFORMATION wwwrosevilleprideorg ress Code A student's dress should not interfere with the learning environme The following a prohibited Tank topsmuscle shirts Spaghetti straps Bare midriff tops Spandexunderwear as outerwear Inappropriate slogans and emblems Pajamas Slippers Sagging pants See-through clothing Sunglasses ear S Fla irts Exposed undergarments Bandanas Questions A G Mr Gary Scheff gscheff@roseville k12mi us H- O Mrs Monica Gabriel mgabriel@roseville k12 mius P - Z TBD Drop OffPick-u Morning There are two areas to drop off students in the morning Southbound Normal Street in front of the school on the sc side only signs posted Curb side in the North Lot using the driveway from Normal No drop-offs in South Lot ATTENTION Uncle Sam's Misguided Children there is a picture of Roseville High School informational booklet being shared where it says Shirts with flags are prohibited They have since added no flags in a demeanor manner no example as to what this really means really! Tag Your Friends & Follow us @unclesamsmisguidedchildren 🇺🇸FB page FbCom-UncleSamsChildren 🇺🇸YouTube Channel youtubecom-c-UncleSamsMisguidedChildren 🇺🇸 Visit our website for AlternativeMedia wwwUncleSamsMisguidedChildrencom 🇺🇸 unclesamsmisguidedchildren MisguidedLife USMCNation AmericanProud veteranowned Murica Merica USMC secondamendment patriotic NRA pepethefrog guns covfefe conservative 2ndamendment maga republican trumpmemes tactical igmilitia donaldtrump Backtheblue cnnfakenews gop 1776 freedom Meme









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