Saving Your Grades From A Mental Health Crisis What To Do Before During And After by SmartStudytumblrcom IF YOUR GRADES ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER CONTACT YOUR TEACHERS This should be the first thing you do when you realise you're in crisis Email them and explain your situation in short professional terms You do not have to include details about your condition I have a mental health condition should suffice as to the nature of the issue Tell them that you are going to arrange to see a medical professional as soon as possible and ask what process you should go through to deferget an extension on assessment and if they can help you in any way Other people you may have to contact or CC in the email depending on your school University High School Head of House Class Coordinator FacultySchool Admin Disability Advisor Grade Coordinator Head of Department Academic Admin Counsellor School Counsellor Student Advocate BOOK A DOCTORTHERAPIST APPOINTMENT ASAP This will be the person who can vouch for you the most It's best if you have seen them before and they know you If you can't get an appointment within a few days call them and email them if you haven't seen them before this will not work Make sure to check out what counselling your university or school offers During this appointment the priority is to make a plan to get you back on your feet This effort will not be useful if you stay a mess Once you've figured that out get two things from this person One is a medical certificateletter stating that you have in fact been going through this crisis Second is a letter that describes the nature of the crisis what treatment you're going through and which people to contact psychiatrists etc who can vouch for this Note The reason I say to get two letters is because there is still a huge stigma around mental illness and you don't want to reveal that you've got a disorder that's highly stigmatised only to have it come back and bite you in the ass later Don't provide details unless it's necessary or asked for A STUDENT KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS Most schools and institutions will have a list of a student's rights and responsibilities online Look them up Know what your rights are as a student Also look to see if there are statenational laws protecting you or if your school is a part of a network of schools that has its own code Some people working in schools still think mental health issues are trivial and you never know when they're going to ignore a rule to suit themselves Make sure you can pick on this if it happens to you Pretty much all schools will have protection in place for students with mental illnesses and disabilities so even if you a miss a deadline for a form or make another mistake they should take your exceptional circumstances into account This is where a student or disability advisor from school can help you ottom IF YOU HAVEN'T REACHED CRISIS YET TALK TO A DOCTORTHERAPISTCOUNSELLORTRUSTED ADULT If you're going through a hard time talk to someone who can help you Any trusted adult or professional can help you get back on your feet before it's too late or refer you to someone who can If it's a new issue you'll have to see someone like a GP who can refer you to a therapist or mental health service Talk to them about what's been happening and say that you need help Sometimes even talking about the problem can help you feel better In these situations they can also help you figure out what you can do at school to catch upget special help FIGURE OUT HOW TO STUDY WHILE IN A BAD STATE Even if you're getting help it might be some time before you're fully back on track In these instances try to make the best of a bad situation Can't leave the house? Access lecture recordings and eBooks Ask your friends to send you their notes or ask the teacher if you can submit your homework via email or through a friend Have trouble concentrating? Figure out how long you can study without needing a break and make a schedule around that Always make sure to ask your teachers if they can help you with this Whether it be slightly changing the requirements or conditions of a piece of assessment or simply their understanding that you may not be able to attend perfectly it can make a big difference with your overall marks If they don't know you're struggling they can't help! DON'T PUSH YOURSELF OR OVERTHINK When you realise there's an issue it's easy to fall into panic or try to power through Don't do this It'll just make you more stressed and aggravate the existing problems which will make things much worse in the long run Though it's hard to believe sometimes your health and mental health are more important than your grades You can't ignore your mind when it's screaming at you that something is wrong Listen to it and be easy on yourself The best way to get back to your full potential to ask for help and give yourself what you need Take a break when you need one and practise self-care It's more important than you might things RECOVERING FROM A BREAKDOWN ACCEPT THAT YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH SOMETHING MAJOR Once the worst has passed some people try to brush it off and pretend it never happened They can feel ashamed or embarrassed about what they went through However there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about especially if you had a pre-existing mental health condition Every life has ups and downs and just because yours were a bit more serious than some people's it doesn't mean that you're weak somehow The best thing you can do for yourself is to recognise what happened and work to prevent it from happening again by setting up crisis plans and support networks GET TUTORING TO CATCH UP If you've fallen behind don't worry There are plenty of ways to catch yourself up and get back on track The best way is to hire a tutor They can guide you through the work help you understand difficult concepts and identify the places you need more help Yes tutors can be expensive but there's a way to get around this See if there is anyone who took your class the year before who might be willing to tutor you for an hour each week for a discounted prince Similarly see if there are any students who can help you in exchange for something like instrument lessons And if any of your friends are academically gifted I'm sure they'd be able to help If all else fails go to office hours and any free tutoring sessions your school or university offers Do some research ask around see what's there PACE YOURSELF AND DON'T RUSH IN After a breakdown or crisis you may be tempted to throw yourself back into your work to catch up Don't! You'll become overwhelmed and end up back at square one Remember you've just been through a very difficult situation and you're not going to get better overnight Ease yourself in I definitely recommend starting with a reduced or part-time study load if possible Remember that you may not be back at your full capacity just yet and difficulties concentrating and being motivated could make things hard By starting off slowly you're able to get used to studying again without too much pressure DEVELOP A ROUTINE Yes this advice is in every piece of study advice ever but you shouldn't develop just any routine Develop one that allows you plenty of breaks and takes into consider any issues you may have with fatigue or focusing If your breakdown was caused by overwork make sure this one is easier on you Things to include you could include in a healthy routine but don't micromanage! I feel crap time* Breaks and meals Plenty of sleep and rest You time treat yo self Time to plan for the next week Exercise have you tried yoga? Kidding Meditationmindfulness Friendfamily social time * Remember that the thoughts and feelings caused by mental illness are not shameful and ignoring and forcing them down will only make them worse If you need to lie in bed feeling miserable do it THINGS TO REMEMBER DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS It can be easy to look at other people and see your own flaws but it's important to try not to Every person has different experiences and struggles so it's not fair to yourself to look at someone without yours and think you're behind in some way Taking longer to complete your studies isn't shameful Making mistakes isn't shameful Needing breaks isn't shameful You'll get where you need to be in the end Have patience GRADES DON'T DEFINE YOU I spent so much of my life thinking my only worth came from my academic success And guess what? This just led to more anxiety and depression It's important to realise that things like grades class rankings GPAS and intelligence aren't that important Who you are and what you do is far more important than these arbitrary labels THERE IS A STIGMA SO BE PREPARED It's an unfortunate reality but there is still a stigma against mental health issues and there is a chance it might affect your experiences while dealing with administrative staff and teachers There have been stories about people telling their people supposed to be guiding them that they have mental health issues and being dismissed because it's a girl issue or it's all in their head Be prepared in case this happens to you Remind people that it's a medical condition and that you can get proof from medical professionals if need be Plus there is probably something in your school's policies or even the law that protects you when you have a mental illness Remember that just because people are ignorant that doesn't mean your issue is not 100% real and important Don't let these people make you feel worse YOU CAN DO THIS In our darkest moments it can be hard to believe that we're capable of immense strength but I promise you we are Whatever obstacle is in your path right now - even if it's your brain chemistry - you are going to get through this You've made it through every worst day you've had so far You've made it through the dark and scary moments and you've come out the other end stronger and wiser Remember that you are strong and even when you don't feel like it there is always support available to help you realise that strength again tmblimteom apricot-studies smartstudy Hey guys I’m glad to be finally posting my “mental breakdown survival guide” As you know I struggle a lot with mental health and so I have been through a lot of breakdowns So many that I actually dropped out of university after 3 weeks in 2016 and had to take the whole year off Because of this I’ve made it my mission to help others with mental health issues as much as I can so you don’t have to go through what I’ve been through Anyway here is my guide I tried to keep it general and actually useful If you have any questions or additions please feel free to add them And as ever if you want to talk to me about studying with mental illness or want to see a post on a specific topic please feel free to message me thank you so much for this Meme











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