Save HEALTH Three-digit number makes it easier to contact suicide prevention hotline CQ-Roll Call adapted by Newsela staff 08222019 WASHINGTON DC - Soon it should become easier to call a suicide prevention hotline Individuals can call these hotlines if they thinking of taking their own lives and want someone to talk to are The Federal Communications Commission FCC regulates communications in the country It plans to move forward with establishing a three-digit number for the hotline which is supported by the federal government The announcement was made on August 15 by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Changing the number was an important goal of former Senate President Orrin G Hatch of Utah Pai plans to follow a staff recommendation for establishing a three-digit dialing code to reach the network of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline That code is likely to be 9-8-8 The number for the hotline is currently 1-800-273-8255 TALK Suicide Epidemic There is a suicide epidemic in this country and it is disproportionately affecting at-risk populations including veterans and LGBTQ youth Pai said our Suicide occurs when different events and situations make life temporarily unbearable Mental illness or substance abuse are associated with most suicides Mental illness refers to a range of mental health conditions They can affect mood thoughts and behavior Many people have mental health concerns at some point What distinguishes a mental illness such as depression from normal feelings such as sadness is that mental illnesses cause ongoing stress and severely interfere with a person's ability to function Most mental illnessses can be treated with medication They can also be treated with therapy Veterans and LGBTQ individuals often experience mental health disorders more than other groups Simplifying The System To Save Lives Ajit Pai Well maybe l don't want to be the bad guy anymore I know this is an old article Meme










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