sanderscaptions: thatsthat24: One Thing in Shows That Happens Far Too Much 📺 (W/ Valerie) Thomas: For crying out loud, I was just watching TV and they did this thing that I’m so sick of! You know that cliche trope where there’s like one person trying to tell another person something, but then that person interrupts them-Valerie: I. Just watched. This amazing scene where this guy was trying to tell the girl something, but then the girl interrupted with a statement that directly conflicted with what the guy was going to tell her, and then, she said, “now, what was it you were going to tell me,” to which he replied, “oh… it’s nothing.” (Valerie finger-guns) Ah, I love that narrative device! Now… what was it you were going to tell me?Thomas: Oh, it’s… it’s nothing. (Thomas finger-guns)