SLO MOBTD снюЧИ M MICHIGAN E WORLD'S SMALLEST COMPUTER MS S' TsgidbiM o iaevinue gnitug Michigan Micro Mote orwoopiribi Millimeter-scale Computing at the University of Michigan Biwali asitiidiaomaa M 3 rimi Michigan Micro Mote in the world endless possibilities INDUSTRY AND TRANSPORTATION ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICAL m nce eeds u SECURITY HOME AUTOMATION ENERGY MANAGEMENT M' with t Temperature ThCan you ga how many M Compuers ae in tha thimble Ask the Front Desk to get the answer M HISTORY 2014 2010 1959 1996 1966 1990s rerr Michigan begin to disseminste the Michigan Micro Mote te researcherS around the world U-M develops first millimeter-scale 19mm solar-powered sensor system that can operate perpetuaily Called the Michigan Micro Mote Mit is 1000X amatler than its commerciat counterparts chigan's Phoenix cessor sets a power record ming as little icowatts during mode Named ovation for IT Technology Prof Kris Pister at UC Berkeley coins the term smart dust to describe a complete miniature computing system comprising several MEMS devices Back when a single computer took up an The movie Fantastic Hoyage depicts doctors shrunken to microscopic size and injected into a patient's body ys takes MS and M ms at Mich dramatic le with the NSF Center for w Integrated M IWIMS Microelectromechanical systems IMEMS devel- oped at the University of Michigan and elsewhere reveal the promise of miniaturized sensing platforms entire room Richard Feynman envisioned a future in his lecture There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom where computers were dramatically smaller forward ess sl a K 2008 Review systems World’s smallest computer Meme











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