REQUEST EDIT ACCESS Influencer Application- Work With Me! sO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE?! I'm Aviana andI am thrilled that you're curious enough to find out more of what this is about and what I do! On the off chance you don't know no worries! Go back to my IG and check out my Side-Hustle and Haircare highlights to get a better visual understanding of what this is AVIANA WHO are these guys? WHAT can they do for me? WHERE are the results? WHY should I apply? WHEN can I begin and see my $$$ grow? These are the questions I also asked myself and let me share my story essentially my reasons with you The 3 major driving forces that made me take the risk to jump off into the unknown are my daughter and family my future and my finances My professional career is being an ER nurse While that is a career I will always identify with I deeply knew that I can be more and do more to get the financial stability freedom and growth that I want Personally I won't allow myself to rely on nursing being my sole income especially when I'm a single-mother and having two lives depending on me myself but more importantly my 3-month old daughter I kept asking myself if it won't just be nursing then what else can I do that allows me to work from my phone at home or even on the go?! THEN I HAD AN EPIPHANY being a SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER Like you I've spent a huge chunk of my time wanting to be like those influencers and live my best life too Like them I wanted to turn my Instagram account into a business platform and actually make an impact on someone's life WHILE making $$$ as a bonus! When the opportunity to become an entrepreneur threw itself at me I knew there was NO GOING BACK once I caught it since LAUNCHING MY BUSINESS I have found an incredible group of inspiring woman who collectively want to empower and build each other up from all over the globe and from ALL walks of life WHAT WE ARE is a luxury vegan haircare company made in the USA Our products are the first anti-aging haircare company offering naturally-based cruelty-free gluten-free with zero harmful chemicals with LIMITLESS FINANCIAL BREAKS for those who represent us WHY should YOU invest on beinga social media influencer with our company? You should thus far who are affiliating because THERE IS NO COMPETITION on the market in our themselves with mothers college students healthcare professionals beauticians millennials and other influencers If you want to UPGRADE all aspects of your life your children's lives your family's lives you can easily do that by doing what you do everyday when you shower washing your hair or when you get ready styling your hair We help YOU transform your social media into a professional brand that personally fits you and then we show you how it can make you an income! What you will need to do in return is commit to that 1% of work everyday until you reach that 100% FOR YOURSELF BEFORE APPLYING ask yourself these questions Are you open-minded? coachable? goal-oriented? a go-getter? work hard play hard mentality? are you ready to HUSTLE? ARE YOU READY TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE AS A BO$$ BABE? Fill out the application below and let's begin making an impact together! Required Email address* Your email FIRST tell me a little about yourself! Name? Age? Must be +18 Location? Must be in US UK or Canada What do you do for work? Are you in school? * Your answer Why does working onlinefrom your phone interest you? What could it do for you? * Your answer How much time do you have to dedicate to working from your phone weeklydaily? A good way to measure this is looking at how many hours you spend on your phonesocial media daily <1 hour 1-3 hours O >3 hours What are some qualities you believe would help you be successful in this business? * Your answer What are some weaknesses you would need help with in this business?* Your answer What are the TOP 3 REASONS you are interested in this opportunity? Getting paid 5xmonth Networking Healthy Hair Financial Domination & Freedom Free Cadillac More time with family & friends Personal growth & development Social media training Founders' Opportunity Free trips How much money are you looking to make a month? * $100-$500 $500-$1000 O $1000-$5000 O $10000+ What is your INSTAGRAM HANDLE? * Your answer How did you come across my page? New follower I've been following you A friend told me about you O Other What is your PHONE NUMBER and E-MAIL? How would you like me to contact you? * Text me Call me Other SUBMIT Never submit passwords through Google Forms This content is neither created nor endorsed by Google Report Abuse - Terms of Service Google Forms Hot ER Nurse Monat BossBabe™ Uses Good Looks to Recruit FREE CADILLACS!! Meme

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