Remember almost three years ago when Pewds said he'll delete his channel at 100 Million? Why is PewDiePie deleting his YouTube channel? The conspiracy theories behind his shocking decision Mirrorcouk-3 hours ago PewDiePie insisted the service is trying to kill his channel and suggested rec ommended videos focused on clickbait and trending topics rather than what they have subscribed to YouTube is trying to kill my channel It is clear it is happening if VE NEWS! One of YouTube's Biggest Stars Says He Will Delete His Channel Fortune-12 hours ago Felix Kjellberg known on YouTube as PewDiePie said he would delete his popular channel in a 10-minute rant against the video service posted on Friday Kjellberg whose channol draws nearly 50 million subscribers is known on YouTube for his comedic WHEEDELETE PEWDIEPIE T100 MILLETON! Tube matic There ar star on VE NEWS a loyal PewDiePie YouTube may be killing' my channel because I'm white so n ce delete it The Independent-Dec 6 2016 The Swedish YouTuber has said that he is going to delete his account because the video site has been penalising him and other YouTubers who argue that the site has changed its algorithm so that fewer people see their videos That has led to his PewDiePie reveals he is deleting his YouTube channel The Independent Dec 4 2016 At almost 50 million subscribers PewDiePie has one of the heftiest YouTube empires around Despite that the YouTuber has announced he is going to wave goodbye to his channel and delete DELETING MY CHANNEL 35841807 views 262K Download Share 17M Save PewDiePie SUBSCRIBED 100354159 subscriber Published on Dec 9 20 made with mematic Good times Meme










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